Millions face heatwave across South Asia
... by warmer temperatures that would speed up the decomposition of organic waste. The dry and hot weather produces excess methane gas at the dumping sites that cause such fires, Khandelwal told AFP . Mariam Zachariah , from the Grantham Institute in Imperial College London , said that before human activities increased global temperatures, we would have seen the heat that hit India earlier this month. We can expect such high temperatures every four years to happen, because it's a common event. It will continue to ...
Updated: 04/28/2022
New Delhi residents face hazardous conditions after massive landfill fire
... Temperatures crossed 43 degrees Celsius in several cities and forecasters expect them to continue rising. The heatwave in India has been made hotter by climate change, said Friederike Otto, a senior lecturer in climate science at the Grantham Institute in Imperial College London . She said that unless the world stops adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, such heatwaves would become even more common.
Updated: 04/28/2022
LHC expected to solve mystery of fifth particle particle
... existence of a fifth fundamental force of nature. The findings last year have reignited hopes that the 20 mile long collider could deliver a second blockbuster discovery, more than a decade after the Higgs boson. Mitesh Patel , a particle physicist at Imperial College London whose team was responsible for last year s research, said: We are going into this run with more optimism that there will be a revolution coming. The Higgs and the LHC have so far fallen in line with the so-called standard model. Since the 1970s,...
Updated: 04/21/2022
Psychological Maps says research changing people's mind on ketamine
Cory Jones of Healing Maps told Benzinga spokesman Javier Hasse at the inaugural Benzing a Psychedelics Capital Conference on Tuesday that research underway at such institutions as Johns Hopkins University and London's Imperial College is changing people's minds about the benefits of such substances as Keys University andLondon's ImperialCollege is changing adults's minds About the benefitsOf Cory Jones of Healing Maps told Benzinga spokesman Javier Hasse at the inaugural ...
Updated: 04/19/2022
Psilocybin increases brain connectivity in treatment-resistant depression
A recent study by Imperial College London's Centre for PsyPsybin could increase neuroplasticity in cases of treatment-resistant depression TRD more than traditional antidepressants. A recent study by Imperial College London's Centre for Psychedelic Research found that psilocybin could ...
Updated: 04/12/2022
Climate change to blame for deadly African storms
... pioneered ways to link extreme weather events to climate change. They said that it was climate change that made the heavy rains brought by the back-to- back storms more likely and heavier. WWA co-founder Friederike Otto , of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, said that the people with the least responsibility for climate change are bearing the brunt of the impacts. Tropical Cyclone Batsirai hit Madagascar in early February after Tropical Storm Ana smashed into the region in January. Tropical Cyclone ...
Updated: 04/12/2022
New mutant of Covid19 XE appears 10% more transmissible than the BA
... Omicron has 1 lineage. As per reports, it has been detected in Belgium, Denmark and France. XD has spread to more than one country and has the most virulent Delta strain in it, making it a mutant to look out for, according to virologist Tom Peacock from Imperial College London . Omicron has 2 subvariants. XE is found in Britain. Evidence of community transmission has also been shown by the mutant. This is another hybrid of Delta x BA. 1 lineage of Omicron . XF was found in Britain, but has not been detected since ...
Updated: 04/02/2022
Covid 19 patients should be tested for flu, say researchers
... We should change our testing strategy for Covid 19 patients in hospital and test for flu more widely. The study looked at more than 305,000 hospitalised patients with Covid 19 and involved researchers from Edinburgh University, Liverpool University, Imperial College London and Leiden University in the Netherlands. A total of 6,965 patients were found to have had Covid-19, while 227 had the influenza virus. The researchers found that these individuals experienced more severe outcomes. "We were surprised that ...
Updated: 03/27/2022
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