Binance CEO says 2,000 jobs open for cryptocurrency
... Coinbase Global Inc , the latest company preparing to ride out of a downturn in the criptocurrency market, said it would cut 1,100 jobs or 18% of its workforce on Tuesday. BlockFi and have slashed hundreds of jobs while Meta Platforms and Intel Corp also slashed the brakes on hiring. The digital currency market fell to a new 18 month low on Wednesday, dragging smaller tokens down with it, and spurring a sharp fall in the digital currency market sparked by Celsius freezing customer withdrawals....
Updated: 06/16/2022
Wells Fargo analyst praises Spotify at investor day
... a recent Bloomberg report indicated that the media giant will slow its hiring by 25%, due to a challenging macroeconomic environment that has led to a wave of hiring freezes and layoffs hitting technology companies like Coinbase COIN Netflix NFLX Intel INTC Tesla TSLA Snap SNAP and others. Alexandra is a Senior Entertainment and Food Reporter at Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter alliecanal 8193 and email her at
Updated: 06/15/2022
Poland's pm says tech firms to invest
..., Morawiecki said. On Wednesday, Mateusz Morawiecki said during his visit to the Siltec company in Pruszkow near Warsaw that he had held meetings with more than 20 presidents of some of the world's largest companies, including Dell , Google , Intel , Honeywell , AstraZeneca and TikTok .
Updated: 06/15/2022
Security researchers claim to steal data from Intel, AMD processors
A side-channel vulnerability attack known as Hertzbleed is a new research showing that malicious players can steal keys on Intel and AMD processors, using a side-Channel vulnerability attack, Tom s Hardware reported. A side-channel vulnerability attack known as Hertzbleed is a new research showing that malicious players can steal keys on Intel and AMD processors, using ...
Updated: 06/15/2022
Qualcomm wins fight against EU antitrust fine
... Import Expo CIIE in Shanghai, China. PHOTO IC LUXEMBOURG US chipmaker Qualcomm won its fight on Wednesday against a $997 million fine imposed by EU antitrust regulators four years ago for paying Apple to use only its chips and blocking rivals such as Intel Corp. The European Commission said in its 2018 decision that the anti-competitive practice took place from 2011 to 2016 with Qualcomm paying billions of dollars to Apple to use its chips in all its iPhones and iPads. A number of procedural irregularities ...
Updated: 06/15/2022
Qualcomm loses fight against EU antitrust fine
... antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager 's crackdown on Big Tech. In its 2018 decision, the European Commission said Qualcomm paid billions of dollars to Apple from 2011 to 2016 to use only its chips in all its iPhones and iPads to block rivals such as Intel . The fine was imposed by Vestager on companies ranging from Alphabet unit Google to banks and truck makers over anti-competitive practices. Apple , Amazon, and Facebook are being investigated. The EU 's second-highest Court annulled the EU ...
Updated: 06/15/2022
Japan, US to work together on 2nm chip manufacturing
... the formation of a design and manufacturing base this decade through a bilateral public-private collaboration with the U.S. IBM developed a prototype last year, which is strong in 2 nm R&D. The 2 nm process is going well according to the U.S. company Intel. A research lab in Tsukuba city is run by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan to develop manufacturing technology for advanced semiconductor lines, including those for 2 nm processes. In addition to IBM ...
Updated: 06/14/2022
Goldman Sachs warns of rising inflation, interest rates
... inflation, dividends tend to outperform. There is a buffer of strong corporate balance sheets that benefits dividends, according to Kostin . Kostin highlights that have above average dividend yields include Morgan Stanley , JP Morgan , Ford, UPS, IBM, Intel , Broadcom and HP. Brian Sozzi is an anchor at Yahoo Finance . Sozzi follows BrianSozzi on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Updated: 06/13/2022
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