Japan claims North Korea promised a paradise on earth
... instead denied basic human rights. The plaintiffs four ethnic Korean residents of Japan and a Japanese woman from Korea who went to the North with her Korean husband and... ... spouses, who went to live in the North as part of a programme operated by the countries Red Cross societies and funded by Pyongyang . We don t expect North Korea to pay a decision... ... program and their families languishing in North Korea await that opportunity. The international community should support this decades-long atrocity and recognise this...
Updated: 10/14/2021
Afghanistan on the verge of collapse, Biden says
... distribution site opened in Kabul, Afghanistan. The European Union backed Afghanistan and their neighboring countries with more than $1 billion.182. This month, a food... ... Afghanistan , a nation of 30 million whose financial system is on the verge of collapse. Most international aid was cut off to the country since mid-August, when the Afghan government... ... statement, Necephor Mghendi, the head of the delegation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies , warned about a dire shortage of cash that could lead essential...
Updated: 10/13/2021
Turkey says it will not allow repeat of 2015 migration crisis
... replay of 2015, when nearly 1 million asylum seekers fled from Turkey to Greece by crossing to Europe . In the latest example of its toughening migration policy, Israel... ... EU-funded camp on Samos earlier this month, a sprawling facility, heavily surveilled and surrounded by barbed wire. We will not accept uncontrolled migratory flows similar... ... August 15 Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has been plunged into economic crisis. The International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC says that it faces widespread hunger within weeks but Greece says it...
Updated: 10/01/2021
U.S. deport 1, 400 migrants from Texas to Haiti
A couple bathes a child in a makeshift border camp along the International Bridge in Delaware, Texas, September 22.2021. A couple bathes a child ... ... as many as 14,000 Haitians became concerned in recent days at an expulsion flight and detentions, even as some remain committed to trying to stay in the United States... ... of cardboard and a handful of tarps and tents. The International Committee of the Red Cross called for protection for Haitians gathering in Mexico , noting their special...
Updated: 09/23/2021
Dramatic drought leads to 18 million Afghans in need of international assistance
... pandemic have rendered 18 million Afghans in need of immediate international assistance, said the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC on Tuesday. International governments have issued continued humanitarian support, but there is no clarity on how this aid will be delivered following the Fall of Kabul to the Islamist militant Taliban movement last month. Some 18 million Afghans half the population are in need of humanitarian assistance as extreme drought compound ...
Updated: 09/07/2021
Gale-dry conditions challenge firefighters in California wildfire
CARson CITY, Nev. 1 Sept - 1 Reuters - Gusty winds and bone-dry conditions challenged firefighters as they tried to control the spread of a wildfire that threatened homes and businesses ... ... have been caused by extremely dry conditions that experts say are symptomatic of climate change. A national weather service red flag warning for dangerously gusty winds of up to 45 miles 72 km per hour and extremely low humidity was posted in the Tahoe area through Wednesday night. Red Cross officials who turned a Carson City recreation center into shelter for evacuees. The cots were placed at COVID-safe distances ...
Updated: 09/01/2021
Coronavirus | Indonesia and Thailand ease curbs on dine-in restaurants
... of a restaurant to ensure all service staff is fully vaccinated on the first day of coronavirus restrictions lift on retail and dining in Bangkok, Thailand and other high-risk areas to revive the economy as the country battles its worst coronaviro restrictions ... ... reopening without meeting all the criteria proposed by WHO, Abhishek Rimal, Asia Pacific Emergency Health Coordinator at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies told Reuters. Now with the low GPA variant which is highly transmissible, and the high vaccination rate, we ...
Updated: 09/01/2021
Firefighters battle to save homes from wildfire near Lake Tahoe
... on Tuesday to save homes along the fringe of Wildfires near Lake Tahoe from a wildfire that has chased thousands of residents and tourists from popular resort destination in the Sierra Nevada Range. on Aug 31 - Aug. 31 Reuters - Firefighters battled ... ... Jeff Hodge , 65, a semi-retired banker who works part time as a chairlift operator during the ski season. Hodge, who was at a Red Cross shelter in the town of Truckee , northeastern of Tahoe, recalled the dread and confusion he felt in the hours leading up ...
Updated: 08/31/2021
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