US stocks up as traders await Fed rate hikes
... Connecticut, said that CPI is expected to see a little bit of a decline. The market is hoping that the news will lead to smaller rate hikes after the Sept FOMC meeting. Pavlik said today that you're seeing a risk-on type of mentality. On Thursday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell affirmed that the central bank remains committed to tackling decades-high inflation, and that it would keep at it until the job is done. According to the recent cooling-down of commodity prices, economists expect monthly CPI to have contracted ...
Updated: 09/13/2022
US stocks open higher ahead of key inflation report
... aggressive the US Federal Reserve Federal Reserve will be next week in raising interest rates to fight high inflation. US futures are pricing in a rate hike of 0.75 percentage points after comments made by US Federal Reserve Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell and other US central bank officials last week. After its meeting this month, the market hopes that the Fed will raise rates by less than expected if inflation decreases. Robert Pavlik of Dakota Wealth said that because of that, you're seeing ...
Updated: 09/12/2022
US stocks up 36% as Inflation data hits stocks
... central bank remained resolute in raising rates. The central bank has already raised rates four times this year and markets expect it to deliver another jumbo-sized increase of three-quarters of a percentage point at its next meeting in two weeks. Chair Jerome Powell , Chair of the Fed , reaffirmed the central bank's determination to raise rates until inflation is under control. After last week s strong close on Wall Street snapped a three week losing streak, the shares went up Monday in Asia. Many regional ...
Updated: 09/12/2022
Yellen says US economy hopes to avoid recession
... CNN's State of the Union. She said that we will achieve a soft landing, but Americans know that inflation is important and that we can't have a strong labor market over the long run without inflation under control. The remarks align with Fed Chair Jerome Powell who said last week that he and his policy making colleagues at the central bank are strongly committed to taming inflation, which remains near a 40-year high. His words caused investors to increase their expectations for a third straight hike of ...
Updated: 09/11/2022
Fed versus Inflation seen as a game-changer for US bond market
... the futures prices of crude oil and gasoline fell to the lowest levels since January this week - longer-term TIPS breakevens are back below 2.5%, even as CPI inflation was 8.5% in July. That is a vote of confidence in Fed officials including Chair Jerome Powell whose latest public comments Thursday emphasized the importance of not allowing high inflation expectations to become entrenched with consumers. He said that the clock is ticking on keeping those expectations in check. Powell said that the Fed ...
Updated: 09/10/2022
Benzinga's most bullish and bearish posts from the past week
... favorite stocks. Here is a look at some of the top stories from Benzinga over the past week, as well as the prospects for many investors' favorite stocks. The markets broke a three-week losing streak this week after comments from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell suggesting that the Fed will continue to aggressively combat inflation. The S&P 500 was up 1.82%, the Nasdaq Composite up 1.79% and the Dow Industrials were 1.09% higher for the week. Benzinga continues to look at the prospects of many of the most ...
Updated: 09/10/2022
Corporate debt is a huge hurdle for us companies
... are expected to be worth $600 billion next year, followed by another $690 billion in 2024 and roughly $750 billion in 2025, according to Goldman research. Corporate borrowing will likely come at steeper costs because of the promise of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to quell inflation. The yield on the ICE BofA US Corporate Index was just shy of 5% this week, which is a 13 year high, and up from an all-time low of 1.8% for the index in December 2020. Higher rates make it more expensive for companies to borrow,...
Updated: 09/09/2022
Dollar gains 8 paise to 79.61 against US
... close at a week's high of 79.69 against the American The index, which gauges the greenback's strength against a basket of six currencies, fell 0.72 per cent to 108.92, as markets digested more hawkish Fed . On Thursday, the US Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell , said he was strongly committed to fighting inflation. The European Central Bank raised its key interest rates by an unprecedented 75 basis point. The euro was higher and the index was lower at 109.08 levels when the ECB raised interest rates ...
Updated: 09/09/2022
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