Canadian Natural Resources president joins Ottawa's cap on oil and gas emissions
... equivalent per day boepd, a slight increase over last year s 1.1 million barrels per day. CNRL said it would have to hike its capital expenditures by $200 million this year to account for inflationary pressure on steel, manufactured goods, services and labour. The company said it is spending more on research and development for technologies to reduce CNRL 's greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprint. According to the company's 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance ESG report released ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
Fitch lifts Poland growth forecast to 5.2 pct
... agency believes that the central bank's reference interest rate will be at 7.0 percent at the end of the year and at 6.5 percent next year, with inflation at 11.0 and 7.5 percent at the end of the year. Fitch highlighted the good situation on the Polish labour market and an increase in domestic consumption due to the influx of refugees from Ukraine as well as a strong wage hike of 12 percent in March PAP emer jchch.
Updated: 08/08/2022
Homebuyers keen to secure mortgage before rates
The price of the last month's price was just 0.1%, according to the Nationwide. Osaka Demand continues to be supported by strong labour market conditions where the unemployment rate remains near 50 year lows and the number of job vacancies close to record highs, said Mr Gardner. The price of the last month's price was just 0.1%, according to the Nationwide . Demand continues ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
Liz Truss’s comments about tax and unemployment
... the year. And her corporation tax cuts don't benefit small businesses - they just put money back into the coffers of the biggest companies with the largest profits. We need clear-eyed realism, not starry-eyed boosterism. Much of this sounds like a Labour party press release. That may help explain why Truss is on course to win, not Sunak , but it also shows how damaging this leadership contest has been for the reputation of the Conservative Party as a whole. The candidates wrote scripts for Labour ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
Bank mandate changes blocked in Kenya County
... Kananu 's changes were blocked by Mr Mohamed Sahal who was replaced as chief officer finance and taken to the health docket. Ms Kananu brought the case before the Constitutional Division of the High Court while Ms Sahal moved to the Employment and Labour Court, saying the reorganization was illegal. Justice Hedwig Ong udi certified Ms Kananu 's case as urgent and directed the case to be heard on July 26. Ms Sahal says the executive order on July 5 is likely to impede the transition process because ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
Qantas asks senior executives to trade high-profile jobs to work as ground handlers
As part of a plan to combat labour shortages, senior executives at Qantas are being asked to trade their high-profile positions to work as ground handlers. As part of a plan to combat labour shortages, senior executives at Qantas are being asked to trade their high-profile positions ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
Australia to ban coal mine near Great Barrier Reef
... Heritage status due to rising ocean temperatures that are killing its corals. The supporters of the mine have 10 days to appeal the proposed refusal before Plibersek makes her final decision. The Australian Greens, who have been pressing for the new Labour government to help reduce the country's greenhouse emissions, welcomed the announcement and urged the minister to reject 26 planned coal mines. The mine would have produced up to 11 million tons of coal annually, which would have been an open-cut ...
Updated: 08/08/2022
New Labor Party names candidate to fight MP Gareth Ward
... our roads, and fixing our schools are some of the things we need to do. Labor leader Chris Minns said that Ward 's strong hold over the seat was the reason the party named its candidate eight months out of the election. Katelin knows that. In 2011, Labour's Matt Brown resigned from his role as a police minister after allegedly hosting a wild post-budget election party in his parliamentary office. Just days before Ms McInerney's selection was announced, the New South Wales Branch of the Labor Party ...
Updated: 08/07/2022
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