Kremlin warns against US label of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism
... Foreign Ministry warned on Tuesday. If people in Washington decide to completely stop any interaction with Moscow, we can live with that. Ministerial spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova , told reporters during a media briefing. Some lawmakers, like Senator Lindsey Graham , support the idea to add Russia to the blacklist, which already includes Iran, North Korea, Syria and Cuba. A non-binding resolution calling for the US Department of State to take such a move was passed by the Senate last week. Speaker Nancy ...
Updated: 08/04/2022
Biden administration lobbying to add Taiwan as major non-NATO ally
... familiar with the matter. The legislation would provide Taiwan with $4.5 billion in security aid and support its participation in international organizations. It is sponsored by Foreign Relations Chair Bob Menendez , a New Jersey Democrat and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, both harsh critics of China, which considers the self-governing island of Taiwan as part of its territory. This could be due to a conflict with your ad blocking or security software. There are jp and in your list of ...
Updated: 08/04/2022
Russia warns of consequences if US designates Russia a sponsor of terrorism
... interaction with Moscow. Maria Zakharova , ministry spokeswoman, told journalists during a media briefing. The idea to add Russia to the blacklist, which already includes Iran, North Korea, Syria and Cuba, has been championed by some lawmakers, like Senator Lindsey Graham. A non-binding resolution calling for the US Department of State to take such a move was passed by the Senate last week. Speaker Nancy Pelosi , who was drew media attention this week because of her potential visit to Taiwan, is strongly advocated ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
GOP Rep. Chip Roy to introduce bill to raise aviation retirement age
... keep more aviators in the cockpit amid a pilot shortage plaguing commercial carriers. It is co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Clay Higgins , Dusty Johnson , Mary Miller, Adrian Smith and Lauren Boebert. The bill will be introduced in the Senate by Sen. Lindsey Graham. He said that a government-mandated retirement age that forces out thousands of our most qualified pilots every year is a key factor. One forecast by Oliver Wyman says North America will be short 12,000 pilots by the year 2023. The federal mandatory ...
Updated: 07/25/2022
US considering recognizing Russia as state sponsor of terrorism
... country s allies to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, citing atrocities against civilians committed by Russian forces Moscow vehemently denies these claims Earlier this month, he welcomed the initiative of US senators Richard Blumenthal and Lindsey Graham to introduce a Senate resolution directing Secretary of State Antony Blinken to designate Russia with this status. The speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi had made the same request to the country's top diplomat earlier this ...
Updated: 07/24/2022
Jody Hice, Trump ally, fights subpoena to testify before Georgia grand jury
... January 6, Hice wrote: This is our 1776 moment. Hice has questioned the results of the 2020 election and the former president backed Hice's unsuccessful primary challenge against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger earlier this year. Sen. Lindsey Graham , R-S. C., has been subpoenaed by Willis to testify about phone calls he made to Raffensperger and his staff about the 2020 election, and is fighting the demand in federal court in South Carolina. A hearing on his case is scheduled for Wednesday....
Updated: 07/18/2022
Trump faces potential criminal trial in New York
... presidential election. Prosecutors in Atlanta, Georgia, have convened a grand jury to look at whether Trump broke state law in order to stop election authorities from declaring Joe Biden won the state. Earlier this month, the grand jury subpoenaed US Senator Lindsey Graham and Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani as part of the criminal investigation. The Trump Organization is facing a trial later this month over an assault by its security guards on protesters against the then presidential candidate's racist attack on ...
Updated: 07/15/2022
Buttyigieg opposes raising retirement age of airline pilot to 67
... investigations on airlines on these issues and launched another ten or so that we are going to pursue to make sure that consumers and passengers are protected, Buttigieg said. Host Mike Emanuel noted that there is a shortage of pilots, and lawmakers like Sen. Lindsey Graham are looking into raising that to 67, while current law requires U.S. commercial pilots to retire by age 65. Buttigieg is firmly opposed to this. Biden is expected to turn 80 shortly after the midterm elections on November 20.
Updated: 07/12/2022
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