India’s COVID-19 caseload rises to 4,31,19,112
... 11, crossed 80 lakh on October 29, 90 lakh on November 20 and surpassed the 1 crore mark on December 19. India crossed the milestone of 2 crore on May 4, 2021, and 3 crore on June 23. The deaths include five from Kerala, four from Delhi and two from Maharashtra. Of the 5,24, 201 deaths reported so far in the country, 1,47, 853 came from Maharashtra, 69,355 from Kerala, 40,105 from Karnataka, 38,025 from Tamil Nadu , 26,188 from Delhi, 23,513 from Uttar Pradesh and 21,203 from West Bengal. More ...
Updated: 05/14/2022
BJP, Congress likely to lose seat in Rajya Sabha
... Ambika Soni, Jairam Ramesh and Kapil Sibal and BSP 's Satish Chandra Misra. The BJP currently has 95 and the Congress 29 MPs in the 245-member House. While 11 seats are falling vacant in Uttar Pradesh, six members are retiring from Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, five from Bihar and four from Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Three members from Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, two from Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Punjab Jharkhand and Haryana and one from Uttarakhand are retiring. The BJP is hopeful ...
Updated: 05/12/2022
Centre’s tax devolution likely to exceed budget estimate in FY23
... of the funds released in Q 4 FY 22. In FY23, we expect tax devolution to surpass the budget estimate by Rs 1.1 lakh crore, bringing down gross issuances to Rs 8.4 lakh crore this year, Nayar said. During April 1 and May 2 only Andhra Rs 4,400 crore Maharashtra Rs 4,000 crore Punjab Rs 2,500 crore and Haryana Rs 1,500 crore were issued debt papers. They borrowed Rs 12,400 crore, which is as much as 82 per cent less than the Rs 67,200 crore that was initially indicated by 19 states for this period....
Updated: 05/12/2022
Conduct black marketing of edible oils in 7 states
... Today TV . The Department of Food Public Distribution has reached out to the Chief Secretaries of these states where violations were found, according to the sources, who said that the hoarding and black marketing were found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh . The source said that eight central government teams along with state government officials were sent to carry out inspections at various oil processing locations in the states. The provisions ...
Updated: 05/11/2022
Temperature below 40 degrees Celsius in Delhi
... Delhi over the next few days. The temperatures would have dropped to 46 -- 47 degrees Celsius without the easterly winds, he said. A trough extends from western parts of Haryana to the south peninsula, east to Madhya Pradesh and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Easterly winds are prevailing in the north of the trough and in the south of it are westerly. He said that parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Vidarbha may jump to 46 -- 47 degrees Celsius due to the dry and hot westerly winds. Easterly winds ...
Updated: 05/10/2022
Supreme Court upholds plea against revamping of Nagpur Airport
... ground of public interest or loss to the treasury . The appeal filed by MIHAN India Ltd challenging the August 18 , 2021 order of the Bombay High Court. The communication, issued by MIHAN India Ltd to GMR Airports Ltd , a joint venture between the Maharashtra Airport Development Company and the Airports Authority of India, deserved to be quashed and set aside, the high court said. The high court said that the impugned communication is arbitrary, unfair and unreasonable and that it deserves to be ...
Updated: 05/10/2022
Centre’s tax devolution to surpass budget estimate in FY23
... FY 22. The budget estimate for tax devolution in FY 23 is expected to exceed the budget estimate by Rs 1.1 lakh crore, bringing down gross issuances to Rs 8.4 lakh crore this year, Nayar said. During April 1 and May 2 only Andhra has Rs 4,400 crore Maharashtra is 4,000 crore Punjab Rs 2,500 crore and Haryana Rs 1,500 crore issued debt papers. They borrowed 12,400 crore, which is 82 per cent less than the Rs 67,200 crore originally indicated by 19 states for this period. The debt sales so far this ...
Updated: 05/09/2022
RK Singh highlights importance of importing coal for blending
... power plants. It said that if states don't lift coal via RCR mode, it will be de-allocated and offered to other states. Concerned states will be responsible for power shortages in their states. The Chief Economic Adviser CEA showed that Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra placed coal import orders while Punjab and Gujarat are in advanced stage of finalization of tenders and other states need to put in more efforts towards coal imports for blending purposes. Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh , Odisha, Rajasthan,...
Updated: 05/06/2022
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