World in trouble, says UN chief
... international law. All this explains the bleak tone of the speech of the Secretary-General, as he lamented that there was no cooperation, no dialogue, no collective problem solving. The reality is that we live in a world where dialogue and cooperation is the only path forward.
Updated: 09/25/2022
Stoneywood Mill staff retained following management buyout
... Thomson , SNP MP for Gordon , said with Jackie Dunbar , MSP for Aberdeen Donside , he would hold an urgent meeting with the administrators to discuss the options for preserving papermaking on the site, and to discuss the options for retaining as many jobs as possible.
Updated: 09/25/2022
CIA unveils model of Ayman al-Zawahiri safe house
... Neises, deputy director of the CIA museum. The model, about a foot long with precise detail, shows a miniature four-story white structure surrounded by a wall topped with concertina wire. Zawahiri was struck by a Hellfire missile as he stood on the balcony of the house, according to U.S. officials. A balcony is clearly visible on the model. Biden gave the green light for the drone strike after he was assured that there was a low risk of civilian casualties given the weapon to be used and the structure ...
Updated: 09/25/2022
US pressures banks over Taiwan
... largest US banks were under pressure from US lawmakers to take a tougher stance on doing business with the Chinese mainland amid growing tensions over the Taiwan question, according to a report on Thursday. On Wednesday, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan told the US House Financial Services Committee US House Financial Services Committee that they will follow the government's guidance, which has been for decades to work with China. If they change that position, we will immediately change it, as ...
Updated: 09/25/2022
North Korea fires one ballistic missile as US aircraft carrier visits region
North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile Sunday morning - its first major weapons test since early June - as the Japan-based USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier visited South Korea for joint military drills just days before U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visits the region. North Korea fired at ...
Updated: 09/25/2022
Super typhoon Noru makes landfall in Philippines
... necessary. The Philippines is ravaged by storms, with scientists warning that they are becoming more powerful as the world gets warmer because of climate change. Weather forecaster Robb Gile said Noru 's rapid intensification was unprecedented. The agency said it increased by 90 km h in 24 hours. Noru came nine months after another super typhoon devastated swathes of the country, killing more than 400 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Residents in several municipalities in Quezon province,...
Updated: 09/25/2022
QAnon conspiracy theorist found guilty of Capitol attack
... department prosecutors said in a statement. It is rare for a convict in US district court to get the harshest possible punishment, even if they chose to withstand trial rather than plead guilty in advance. The harshest sentence handed out so far to anyone found guilty of having a role in the deadly Capitol attack has been seven years and three months. Prosecutors claimed that Jensen was part of the mob of Trump supporters who gathered at the Capitol on the day that Congress was meeting to certify ...
Updated: 09/25/2022
India to work with G20 to address serious issues of debt, food security, energy security, says Jaishankar
As India assumes the presidency of the G20, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday that New Delhi will work with the group's other members to address serious issues of debt, food and energy security, even as he noted concerns about stability and energySecurity, even ...
Updated: 09/25/2022
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