Blinken, Lavrov push for talks on prisoner swap
... prison. Mr Lavrov said on Tuesday at a news conference in Uzbekistan that talks on prisoner exchanges had taken place since a summit in Geneva last year, where President Vladimir Putin and Mr Biden agreed to nominate officials to look into the issue. Mr ... ... allies say that the Russian assault is unprovoked. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the continuous pumping of US and NATO weapons into the armed forces of Ukraine only prolongs the agony of the regime in Kyiv and increases the casualties.
Updated: 07/29/2022
Turkey summons Sweden over Kurdish separatist propaganda
... rkiye groups as they rejected Ankara's extradition requests for suspects affiliated with the PKK and the Gulen Movement . On June 28, Finland, Sweden and T rkiye agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding MoU before Ankara lifted its veto ahead of the NATO Madrid summit. In the MoU, Finland and Sweden pledged to support T rkiye's fight against terrorism and agreed to address T rkiye's pending deportation or extradition requests of terror suspects. The PKK , listed as a terrorist organization by T rkiye, the United ...
Updated: 07/24/2022
Putin meets Iranian President, holds talks with Erdogan
... green light their bid in June. After a cabinet meeting, Erdogan said that we would remind you once again that we will freeze the process if we don't take the necessary steps to fulfill our conditions. He lifted his opposition to the expansion at a NATO summit last month, a major diplomatic breakthrough that gave a blow to Putin. According to state news agencies RIA Novosti and TASS , Putin and Erdogan are about to discuss the issue of exporting grain from Ukrainian ports. More than 20 million tons ...
Updated: 07/19/2022
Ben Wallace questions Truss’s defence spending pledge
... defence spending would be lifted by a little over 10 bn in four years from its current 48.2 bn, and by another 12 bn or more in the run up to 2030. That would be over double the increase announced by the outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson at the Nato summit last month, where he pledged to raise defence spending from 2.1% of GDP to 2.5% from 2025 to the end of the decade. Truss said overnight that the increased threat from Russia and China demanded an urgent response and that her proposals would make ...
Updated: 07/19/2022
Ukraine denies Russia-Ukraine conflict is Korean War
... 1950 and 1953, Ukrainian presidential aide Mikhail Podolyak said on Monday, in response to an assessment made by the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, James Stavridis . The retired American admiral believes that both sides will have no ... ... it. He expressed his confidence in the actions of Russian military commanders. Around the same time, Zelensky told the G 7 summit that he wanted to see the conflict end by the end of the year before winter sets in, according to Reuters. Russia sent ...
Updated: 07/18/2022
Biden's Middle East trip is unlikely to haunt him
... Saudi governments agreed on global energy market stability, the importance of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and the smooth flow of commerce through the strategic international waterways in the region. At the security and development summit, the US president repeated his vacuum rhetoric with a number of leaders of Middle East countries in the Saudi capital on Saturday, inspiring some observers to suspect he is trying to materialize the long-in-the-works Middle East edition of NATO with China and Russia as its targets. It is one thing to increase cooperation with the US, but it is another thing to take sides in the geopolitical wrangling between and among competing powers from outside the region. Biden 's visit to Saudi Arabia ...
Updated: 07/18/2022
China tells Southeast Asian nations not to be used as chess pieces
... the ASEAN members make to the region. Even the meager assistance that the Biden administration promised to provide at the May summit hasn't materialized. In contrast, China and the ASEAN countries treat each other as equal partners with mutual respect.... ... cooperation promoted by the US, which is aimed at decoupling the regional economy from China. It should not oppose the expansion of NATO to the region, as the US-led alliance may try to engineer a similar misfortune to that in Ukraine in the region.
Updated: 07/12/2022
North Korea, China warn against NATO expansion in Asia
The first-ever participation of the leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand in a NATO summit in late June has fueled speculation that the transatlantic military alliance is trying to expand into the Indo-Pacific region with the West aiming to expand onto the Indo -Pacific region as NATO tries to strengthen regional security alliances is ...
Updated: 07/11/2022
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