Japan sees more consultations from people seeking help during pandemic
... said Koichi Kurosawa, senior official at the National Confederation of Trade Unions, representing about 1.2 million workers in Japan . The number of suicide among men decreased in 2021 from a year earlier, but the number of women taking their lives has stayed the same level as previously reported by the National Police Agency. A Tokyo -based nonprofit organization that caters to people in poverty said it has seen more people seeking food compared ...
Updated: 12/26/2021
Family group leader who waged decades-long campaign for abduction
... deepest apology for the extreme regret of not being able to bring back Yaeko Taguchi to Japan for a reunion while he was still alive. Matsuno serves as the state minister in... ... bitterly disappointed at never being reunited with his younger sister. In 1991, Japanese police announced that Taguchi, using the Korean name Lee Un Hae, taught the Japanese... ... issue not only in forums across Japan , but also overseas, including at the United Nations . In 2009, Iizuka and his adopted son met Kim Hyon Hui in South Korea . The...
Updated: 12/19/2021
Honda aims to halve fatal crashes by 2030 with AI system
... be introduced in China in 2022 before it will be available in developed countries by 2030, Honda said. The number of traffic fatalities increased to a record low of 2,839 in 2020, as a result of advances in driving support systems, according to the National Police Agency. Automakers are competing against each other to produce the best safety features. In July 2020, Toyota Motor Corp. released a system that prevents unintended acceleration caused by drivers who accidentally press the gas pedal. It can be installed ...
Updated: 12/12/2021
Japan, South Korea pull out of joint press conference over disputed islands
... media appearance in protest at a recent visit to the disputed islands by the chief of the South Korean police. Mizobuchi said Japan had lodged a strong protest over the visit. According to Reuters, under these circumstances, we have decided that it is inappropriate to hold a joint press conference. Kim Chang-yong, the commissioner-general of South Korea 's national police agency landed on rocky islets on Tuesday, media reports said, in the first visit of the country's police chief for 12 years. We ...
Updated: 11/18/2021
Coronavirus | China reports 89 new cases in a day
... its 90% double-dosed vaccinations for people over the age of 16. Japan reported no COVID-19 deaths for Sunday, making the country's ... ... molnupiravir, by MHRA the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency last week, said Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser at ... ... hospital's COVID-19 ward in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra , police say. There were 17 patients in the ward in Ahmednagar ,... ... double-hundred mark for the first time during the pandemic, as the nation scalculates to vaccinate its population of 5 million. The ...
Updated: 11/08/2021
OPEC showdown could lead to a bare-knuckle fight with Joe Biden
... Capitalism Collide none results on Key Ballot Initiatives, From Policing to the environment If the cartel rebuffs the request, ... ... coffers. Biden told reporters on a news conference at the United Nations climate Summit in Glasgow on Tuesday that the oil prices ... ... despite the president's arm-twisting, which has been supported by Japan and India . Iraq and Kuwait , for example, have said publicly ... ... industrialized nations that are members of the International Energy Agency , this action could have a larger impact on prices. India ...
Updated: 11/03/2021
Japan police investigating rare car catalytic converters theft
... converter has risen from around $100 about three years ago to around $400 to $800, according to British metal refiner Johnson Matthey . Recyclers typically pay $50 to $250 for used catalytic converters, the NICB reported earlier this year. Thieves in Japan are increasingly going after copper. August saw 743 confirmed cases of copper theft nationwide, according to the National Police Agency - up roughly 80% on the year. In Sagamihara, southwest of Tokyo , more than 130 water faucets were stolen in May. Nagoya suffered 13 water meter thefts between June and September. In May, the price of copper reached an all-time high exceeding ...
Updated: 10/25/2021
North Korea shows that it is ramping up its weapons arsenal
... just days ago by saying he wanted to reopen the scandalous hotline between the two nations. Kim Yo-jong , the powerful sister of the leader has also shown that she is... ... following the escalation in gun testing. The sentiment will likely be expressed by Japan who also feels threatened by the North Koreans as missiles fired within easy... ... COVID-19 pandemic and supplies from China essentially cut off due to strict border police, a respite from the sanctions would be most welcome.
Updated: 10/01/2021
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