Twitter deal on hold, Musk looking for a scapegoat, analysts say
... supporting the calculation that spam fake accounts don't represent more than 5% of users, and he raised doubts about the buyout. Later that day, Musk said that he is still committed to the acquisition. The bot issue at the end of the day was known by the New York City cab driver and feels more like the 'dog ate the homework' excuse to bail on the Twitter deal or talk down a lower price, Ives stated. The soap opera will continue this week, and keep the popcorn handy as there are likely many twists and turns ahead in this Twitter Musk saga. This development follows Musk 's comments at the All-In Summit in Miami, where he said a deal for ...
Updated: 05/17/2022
Mcdonalds, Wendy's sued for allegedly misleading customers about patties
... fast food chains falsely advertise the size of their beef patties and sandwich toppings. In a proposed class action filed in New York, a customer named Justin Chimienti says the two fast food giants should compensate him and others who bought certain sandwiches ... ... and video ads. The lawsuit comes after Burger King was hit by the same attorney last month with similar claims. The lawsuit states that Wendy s materially overstates the amount of toppings and the size of beef patties for nearly every menu item in its ...
Updated: 05/17/2022
Cannabis-friendly approach could bring back voters, strategists say
.... There is a sentiment among Pennsylvanians that Fetterman's legalization efforts make a difference. Casey Lofties, 25, from York, said on Saturday that if candidates support marijuana, they're more about the people. Even though they're older, I feel ... ... voters into the whole polling process. Mike Mikus, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania said that you're talking about a state in which Joe Biden won by only 80,000 votes. If you bring them out because of this issue, that is how you win these campaigns because so many people, new voters or people who may have decided to sit out the election. Marsha Cohen , a law professor at UC Hastings College of ...
Updated: 05/17/2022
Joe Biden to meet victims of Buffalo race attack
... families of victims of Saturday's racist attack at a grocery store that claimed 10 lives. Joe Biden is on his way to Buffalo, New York to meet the families of victims of Saturday's racist attack at a grocery store that claimed 10 lives. The president has called ... ... crimes. The justice department would have more tools to tackle white supremacy in particular. It is a primary day in several states, and Donald Trump 's grip on the Republican party will be tested in several key races, notably in Pennsylvania. His choice ...
Updated: 05/17/2022
New York court drafts new congressional map that would cause clashes between Democrats and Dems
A New York court released a draft of the state's new congressional map Monday that would cause primary clashes between high-ranking Democratic incumbents. A New York court released a draft of the state's new congressional map Monday that would cause primary clashes between high-ranking Democratic ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Asian markets brace for tight start to the week
... the red, US contracts fluctuated. Treasury yields fell along with a dollar gauge, while oil held a jump to about $114 a barrel. The latest turbulence in the so-called stable coin sector has leftBitcoin hovering around $30,000. The US data shows that New York state manufacturing activity fell for the second time in three months in May. The Chinese figures showed a collapse in economic activity due to Covid -linked curbs. The economic reports have sparked concerns of a downturn in the global economy and a ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Us can now order free COVID tests from the USPS
... planned to distribute 500 million free test kits. The latest round of free rapid at-home tests comes as the U.S. COVID are trending at the highest levels since November. The U.S. is averaging 90,423 cases a day, up 60% from two weeks ago, according to a New York Times tracker. COVID cases are up in almost every state, and the Northeast and Midwest have seen an increase in new cases. The death toll from COVID 19 is currently at 999,741, according to the John Hopkins University tracker, edging toward 1 million. The World Health Organization warned in recent ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Jobi Asset Management, Azora Capital, Yarbrough among funds sold Coinbase shares
... Global Inc before the company fell nearly 30% to record lows in early May, according to filings released on Monday Brexit NEW YORK Reuters -- Jupiter Asset Management , Azora Capital LP and billionaire Jon Yarbrough 's family office were among the funds ... ... Wood 's ARK Innovation fund added to its position in Coinbase, according to the filings. The largest exchange in the United States fell near 17 month lows after the company missed earnings estimates and reported declining trading volumes. The company's ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
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