Air taxis, jetsuit set for $17 billion AAM market
... Pacific Director at Wisk, in an interview broadcast on Thursday at the Reuters Next conference. For four years, Wisk, a Boeing Co. unit, tested Cora, an autonomous electric aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter at its base in Tekapo, New Zealand . Wisk is liaising with regulators to get approval for public use of the air taxi, which can carry two passengers up to 100 kilometres 62 miles at speeds of up to 150 km h 93 mph. Sixty-seven percent of the world's population will be cities by ...
Updated: 12/03/2021
Dollar gains ahead of key U.S. jobs data
Dec 3 Reuters, The dollar went up against its more risk-sensitive Australian and New Zealand counterparts on Friday, ahead of key U.S. jobs data that could clear the path to earlier Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, even as Omicron uncertainties cloud the outlook. Dec 3 Reuters -- The dollar went up against its more risk-sensitive ...
Updated: 12/03/2021
New Zealand reopens nightclubs, bars and restaurants after lockdown
Shoppers walk through a retail district in the wake of the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions in Auckland, New Zealand, November 10, 2021. WELLington, Dec 3 Reuters LLCbledon, Dec 2 Reuters Shoppers walk through a retail district in the wake of the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions in Auckland , New Zealand , November 10, 2021. WELLINGTON, Dec 3 Reuters -- Aucklanders ...
Updated: 12/03/2021
Infographic: global property price surge takes off
... economy avoid disaster during the Covid 19 outbreak. In the face of the economic shocks caused by the pandemic, the funds helped to assure investors that asset prices would be stabilised. However, as the charts show, the advances bypassed London and New York, and other leading global cities such as Tokyo , Hong Kong and Paris , where prices marked time, albeit at historically high levels. The increases were posted in centres where investors saw catch-up opportunities, for example, San Francisco ...
Updated: 12/03/2021
RBA rate hike could come by early 2023: poll
... sharp rise from 1.7% in the June quarter. The key thing for them is wage growth. If wage growth doesn't pick up then they can't conclude that they will meet their inflation target over the next several years, said Marcel Thieliant, senior Australia New Zealand economist at Capital Economics . The Reserve Bank of New Zealand , the closest to the RBA, has raised interest rates twice this year in a bid to address the blazing housing market, despite the fact that the RBA has stayed quiet on soaring house ...
Updated: 12/03/2021
Us stocks rally, european slump as worries over Omicron fade
... Nasdaq Composite added 127.27 points or 0.83 percent to 15,381. The U.S. dollar was barely moved from the previous day. The euro was trading lower at 1.1300. The British pound was around 1.3300. The Swiss franc was unmoved at 0.9201. The Australian and New Zealand dollars fell a few points lower to 0.7092 and 0.6813 respectively. The FTSE 100 in London gave up 0.55 percent. The German Dax fell 1.35 percent. The Paris-based CAC 40 declined 1.25 percent. On Asian markets, the Australian All Ordinaries ...
Updated: 12/02/2021
Edward Snowden to talk to Web 3 co-founder Gavin Wood
... David Chaum , the inventor of digital currency and godfather of privacy. The NSA leaks of 2013 revealed an extensive network of global surveillance. The programs of the United States and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance UK, Australia , Canada , New Zealand with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments prompted a global discussion about individual rights, privacy and government monitoring and abuse of personal data. BlockDown DeData wants to educate the public about ...
Updated: 12/02/2021
Tom Udall makes a distinctly American impression as US ambassador to New Zealand
Tom Udall, Joe Biden's longtime friend and pick as US ambassador, made a distinctly American impression as he addressed New Zealand's press for the first time on Thursday, and made a decidedly American impression. Tom Udall , Joe Biden 's longtime friend and pick as US ambassador, made a distinctly American impression as he addressed New Zealand 's press for the first ...
Updated: 12/02/2021
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