Canadian airlines, airports claim top spots in flight delays over July long weekend
... airports are among the worst affected for long weekend flight delays. Gallagher Air Canada was ranked No. 1 for airline delays. Canadian airlines and airports are among the worst affected for long weekend flight delays. Air Canada was ranked No. Pearson International took the No. 1 for airline delays. The 2nd spot among airports is at the top of the list. MONTREAL - Canadian airlines and airports claimed top spots in flight delays over the July long weekend, notching more than nearly any other ...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Airline chaos adds to travel chaos as lost baggage returns
... industry has been looking at ground handling as the last element in the whole value chain of air transport, and he has seen examples of ground handlers being offered 15% higher pay. Air Canada , which has its own employees who handle baggage at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, said that the resumption of travel has resulted in more delays in passenger numbers. It is now carrying around 120,000 or more people per day, compared to 23,000 a year ago. According to data agency Data Wazo , about half ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Vermont government unveils frontbench after four ministers quit
... will be factional dealings before Monday's official ceremonies, as they are yet to be confirmed. The ministers for health, environment, housing, jobs and education were announced on Friday by existing ministers Mary-Anne Thomas, Lily D'Ambrosio, Danny Pearson, Ben Carroll and Natalie Hutchins . The coordinating minister positions are hand-picked by the Premier, and are generally the most senior minister while other MPs take smaller portfolios. The role of deputy prime minister and portfolio appointments ...
Updated: 06/25/2022
Gold Coast fashion designer Paula Stafford dies at 102
... ended up with more than 40. At a time when the city was considered more of a beachside town, the Stafford bikini became synonymous with the Gold Coast. She said it was a lot of work and time involved in it, but I was happy to do it. In 2020, Lydia Pearson , the famed Queensland fashion label Easton Pearson , told the ABC that Stafford was a pioneer in the Australian industry. Stafford was born in 1920 and studied maths, chemistry and physics at Melbourne Girls Grammar . Stafford said she wanted ...
Updated: 06/23/2022
Rabbit trapped in car grille survives 30-mile journey
A rabbit has survived a journey of more than 30 miles while trapped in a car's grille after being hit by the driver. A rabbit has survived a journey of more than 30 miles while trapped in a car's grille after being hit by the driver. Mark Pearson was driving between Pwllheli and Bangor in Wales last Tuesday when he heard a loud thump on the outskirts of Nefyn . The 46-year-old said after hearing the sound, he checked his rear-view mirror but was unable to see anything and carried on ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
Unvaccinated travellers will still be subject to testing at airports, but to move it offsite in July
... collect luggage. Due to inadequate staffing at the terminals, planes have had to wait a long while on the tarmac before allowing passengers to disembark. Air Canada cancelled nine per cent of its scheduled flights between June 1 and June 9 at Toronto Pearson International Airport , according to the Canadian Press . Peter Fitzpatrick , Air Canada spokesperson, said in an emailed statement that delays can have a knock-on effect not only for our customers but also affect our employee resources and ...
Updated: 06/10/2022
Airports in Europe struggle to recruit new staff
... The Greater Toronto Airports Authority spokeswoman, Tori Gass, said that some staff in North America, Canada's busiest airport are allowed to work temporarily under supervision by vetted employees. The temporary pass was recently introduced at Toronto Pearson International Airport in response to the large number of appointments for restricted area identity cards, RAIC Gass said. It takes about 45 days to get the cards. ALSO READ: Airlines are ditching business hubs as the pandemic rolls on. In the ...
Updated: 06/09/2022
Canadian flight attendants demand more time to be paid
... hours, at the country's busiest airport due to staff shortages, health checks and rising traffic. The Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE said its members are increasingly working for free as arriving planes are held up at the gate at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, in some cases up to three hours. U.S. flight attendants in contract talks with American Airlines are trying to be paid during boarding. Delta Air Lines is going to pay flight attendants when boarding passengers from June ...
Updated: 05/12/2022
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