Tesla's $4. 4 B electric car maker on track to meet production targets
... goal of 577 vehicles this year, its chief executive said: The California -based startup, which went public via a shell company this year, has secured $4.4 billion needed until the end of next year, but would not wait until then to raise more money, Peter Rawlinson told Reuters. It is a capital intensive business, he said, adding that the company was on track to achieve its production target of 20,000 vehicles in 2022 and 50,000 in 2023. He said that the latest funding sees us through until 2022. It doesn't ...
Updated: 09/29/2021
Lucid Motors shares rally after EPA confirmation Tesla's car is more than any other vehicle
... received an EPA rated range of 520 miles. That is roughly 100 miles more than Tesla 's long range SUV. The EV maker's CEO and CTO Peter Rowlinson has stated in previous interviews that Tesla 's vehicle could go farther with one full battery charge than Lucid's ... ... set a $30 price target for the stock. Somewhat somewhere between Tesla and Ferrari , said Yahoo Finance Live on Thursday. Rawlinson points to Murphy, who was Chief Engineer at Tesla for the Model S prior to joining Lucid in 2013. They've got the combination ...
Updated: 09/16/2021
Tesla just made a big change to its stock
... Churchill Capital IV finished their tie-in and began trading under the ticker symbol LCID on July 26. On that day, LCID closed $26.83. Lucid Motors is seen as a potential formidable player in the electric luxury sedan space. The company's CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson was the chief engineer of Tesla TSLA for the model S prior to joining Lucid in 2013. The EV maker built its first US production facility in Casa Grande , Arizona . The company aims to meet its goals for two versions of its most expensive ...
Updated: 09/01/2021
Early investors exit Lucid Group for the first time
... Research LLC and Franklin Templeton. The funding commitment was also unique in that it included a provision that those holders could trade their stock on the date the PIPE shares were registered or Sept. 1 - whichever came later. Chief Executive Officer Peter Rawlinson was jubilant at the time and said in an interview shortly after the deal announcement: We ve been able to attract the blue chip companies to make long-term investments in us. I just see SPAC as just a useful tool to achieve that now, just trying ...
Updated: 09/01/2021
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