Sarajli Sejmenovi, Malagi families killed in Bosnia 30 years ago
... January 2022 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the indictments against ivan Miljanovi assistant commander of the Public Security Station in Bijeljina , Stevo Bokari member of the State Security Service in Bijeljina , Goran Sari former commander ... ... Brigade of the Republika Srpska Police , and Ljubo Markovi Slavenko Ko evi and Zvonko Pr ulj, members of a special squad of The prosecution said that during the night of September 24 - 25, 1992, the indictees unlawfully captured members of the Sarajli Sejmenovi ...
Updated: 09/26/2022
Risk of legal challenge against Section 377 A real one, say experts
... from disc jockey Johnson Ong Ming and Bryan Choong Chee Hoong, the former executive director of the LGBT non-profit organisation Oogachaga. The Court of Appeal reaffirmed that the law was unenforceable in its entirety and had no credible threat of prosecution at the same time. A person who commits gross indecency with another man in public or private can be jailed for up to two years, according to Section 377 A of the Penal Code. This extends to any man who abets such an act, procures or attempts to procure such an act. Speaking during the panel discussion on Monday, Law Society ...
Updated: 09/26/2022
Hong Kong police confiscate USD 8.92 million from illegal protest platform
... which was set up to offer financial aid to those who were injured or arrested during the 2019 anti-government social unrest. The prosecution said in its opening statement that there were 103,000 deposits involving HK $270 million and HK $263 million in withdrawals ... ... defendants had been active in the fund's operation, introduced its political agenda and held media conferences to call on the public to donate money.
Updated: 09/26/2022
Former ICAC staffer fined, no conviction
... seized her phone, but the Snapchat video had been deleted automatically by the app. She later attended Palmerston police station to participate in an interview where she admitted to the disclosure of information and was issued a notice to appear. The prosecution said the offence was a serious breach of trust, and it was important that the public had confidence that confidential communication would be respected. The defendant's conduct has adversely affected the reputation and integrity of the ICAC , the prosecutor said. They said there was no suggestion that there was any danger or compromise ...
Updated: 09/26/2022
Australian man who was shot by police seeks to have charges withdrawn
... against Mr. Skeen are assaulting police and going armed in public. After a months-long stay, Skeen was discharged from the hospital to continue his rehabilitation. The NT Police does not comment on matters that are still before the court. The Office of Public Prosecutions has been contacted for comment. The case is due to be brought to court at the end of October.
Updated: 09/26/2022
Former Singapore lawyer charged with criminal breach of trust
... warrant and an Interpol red notice were issued against him. Interpol red notices are issued for fugitives who are wanted for prosecution or to serve a sentence. It is a request to the law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest ... ... bring criminals to justice. We would like to express our appreciation for the assistance provided by the China Ministry of Public Security in this matter.
Updated: 09/24/2022
Federal judge rejects Kansas researcher's request for new trial
... Department's China Initiative , a program that began in 2018 to crack down on efforts to transfer original ideas and intellectual property from U.S. universities to Chinese government institutions. The department ended the program in February after public criticism and several failed prosecutions. Tao did not reveal on conflicts of interest forms that he was named to a Chinese talent program, the Changjiang Professorship . As part of the program he traveled to China to set up a laboratory and recruit staff for Fuzhou University ...
Updated: 09/23/2022
Man who tried to wrest Queen Elizabeth’s coffin didn’t believe she was dead
... Khan , who was nabbed by the London Police while trying to look in the coffin to check for himself the Queen was there, the prosecution said. See also: Queen Elizabeth Was Monarch When Stalin Was President of the Soviet Union: 10 Facts That Put Her Reign ... ... doctors, who declared that he was not fit to take part in court proceedings, where he was charged with two offenses under the Public Order Act. According to the judge, He is delusional still and thinks the Queen is not dead, thinks King Charles has something ...
Updated: 09/22/2022
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