Former Logan councillor says fraud charges destroyed her life
... year due to insufficient evidence. Ms Schwarz said that the ordeal took a major toll on her family, saying it copped relentless abuse from the public. My son was abused in Bunnings and asked to come outside so he could fight him. Ms Schwarz told ABC Radio Brisbane that it was awful. You'd walk into a home where you'd lived for 30 years and people would look at you and point at you as you were walking down the street. It was in the news, it was on the radio, it was in the papers. Her comments came ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Solomon Islands’s prime minister promises ‘one-off’ move
... move and the election cycle would return to normal after the games. The prime minister and language of the bill that ensures that this is passed will be a one-off and the schedule for elections returns to the normal four-year cycle, Conroy told ABC radio on Wednesday. We believe that having regular election cycles is a key aspect of democratic norms and values that we share across the region. This is a question for the democratically elected members of the Solomon Islands Parliament and the people ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Japan’s Shinzo Abe unguarded from the rear during campaign speech
... just before Abe began speaking. The crowd gathered to Abe 's right had increased in size and the fourth officer was told to keep an eye on the people. That meant there was no officer watching out for Abe 's back. The officers on the scene were in radio contact with each other, but no report was made to the commanding officer.
Updated: 08/09/2022
Belarus court recognizes stickers as extremist content
... to list what is considered to be extremist content. The list includes books, newspapers, websites, certain social media accounts, Telegram channels and symbols, amongst others. The Belarusian authorities branded several Telegram channels, such as Radio Liberty Belarus , as extremists, claiming they were responsible for spreading false information. Such channels contain blatant calls to commit certain illegal acts, incitements. The minister said that there were not only insinuations but also specific ...
Updated: 08/09/2022
Poland's conservative government threatens to turn all its cannon on EU
... to push us against the wall, we have no choice but to pull out all the weapons in our arsenal and respond an eye for an eye," said Krzysztof Sobolewski , general secretary of the ruling Law and Justice PiS party. Sobolewski told Polish state radio that if the commission did not release €35 bn 29.5 bn in pandemic relief funds, Warsaw would take legal action against Brussels, veto EU initiatives and an alliance to dismiss Ursula von der Leyen and her college of commissioners. The threat ...
Updated: 08/09/2022
Lithuania's President says liberalization is inefficient
... the third liberalization stage until the legal base is improved, until enough time has passed to make sure that the process is working properly. The households consume the smallest amount of energy in the third phase. He told the Ziniu Radijas news radio on Tuesday that prices could be set at record highs. The ongoing liberalization process is inefficient as there are too few independent suppliers on the market, some of which are linked to state-owned enterprises, and there is a risk of oligopoly,...
Updated: 08/09/2022
Finnish firm says sanctions list lists Russian companies
Helsingin Sanomat said on Tuesday that it has seen the documents cited by the radio channel, which reveal that they contain a list of Russian companies that have been highlighted in red or green depending on whether or not they fall within the scope of sanctions in the scope. Helsingin Sanomat said on Tuesday that it has seen ...
Updated: 08/09/2022
Lithuania Minister says banks can't oblige them
The state can't oblige banks in any way, it will depend on their own decisions, the minister told the public radio LRT on Wednesday. The state can't oblige banks in any way, it will depend on their own decisions, the minister told the public radio LRT on Wednesday. As of August 15th, Lithuania's Siauliu Bankas announced that it would stop processing payments ...
Updated: 08/09/2022
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