EU’s NI Protocol override bill could derail trade again
The new figures show the value of UK exports to the EU increased by 8.1% and is now at their highest level since records ... ... Britain's NI Protocol override bill will likely derail trade once again. The Northern Ireland Protocol override bill, which is likely to create a new EU -UK rift, was published... ... letter of the law is pointless. The ideas for a Green Channel for goods not entering the Republic are worth discussing. The rules need to be changed and the EU has put forward...
Updated: 06/14/2022
UK to scrap post-brexit nireland trade rules
... Ireland's status in the UK and is boycotting the local government, leaving it in limbo under the 1998 deal. The protocol requires checks on goods arriving from England, Scotland and Wales to prevent them from entering the EU's single market via the Republic of Ireland. The UK bill is expected to scrap most of the checks, making it a green channel for British traders to send goods to Northern Ireland without making any customs declaration to the EU. The EU would have access to more real-time UK data on the flow ...
Updated: 06/13/2022
UK to draft law to revise post-brexit n.ireland trade rules
... Nancy Pelosi , the US House of Representatives, said there could be no US-UK trade deal if London proceeds with the plan. The protocol allowed Britain to leave the EU's single market and customs union without controls on the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, vital to the 1998 Good Friday peace deal that ended three decades of violence. By striking a deal, it agreed to a customs border between the British-owned region of Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. The bill will set out how the terms included in the protocol would now be defined in domestic law, ...
Updated: 06/10/2022
US, ROK hold joint air power demonstration against North Korea
This handout picture taken on June 7, 2022 by the Republic of Korea's Defence Ministry in Seoul shows ROK warplanes, including F-35 fighter fighters and US F-16 jets flying in tactical formation over the ROK, in response to the Democratic People's Republic of Ireland's Defence Minister This handout picture taken on June 7, 2022 by the Republic of Korea's Defence Ministry in Seoul shows ROK warplanes, including F-35 stealth fighters and US F-16 jets flying in tactical formation over the ROK , in response ...
Updated: 06/08/2022
David Frost blames ‘pragmatism’ in EU’s Northern Ireland response
... of the protocol, a move that has sparked anger in Brussels and Dublin, amid an impasse between the parties at Stormont. Frost said that applying the protocol should have taken into account the economy reality of trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which the report says is minimal. The report said that only 4% of the goods and services produced in Northern Ireland cross the border to the republic, while 16% go to Great Britain and 31% of imports to Northern Ireland are from the rest of ...
Updated: 06/05/2022
UK envoy warns of threat to Good Friday deal
... Stormont were threatened by the DUP boycott rather than the protocol. Burns said it would be a tragedy if the Good Friday institutions collapsed because of failure to agree on different customs regimes for shortbread destined for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. He said that historians will look back and judge us incredibly harshly if we allow that to happen.
Updated: 06/01/2022
Liz Truss resisting pressure from Biden ally on n.ireland protocol
... Dublin and Washington that Truss' threats are a negotiating tactic. Her plan includes the creation of a green channel that would allow some goods to pass without checks from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, on condition that they do not end up in the Republic of Ireland. It would give the UK more powers to change VAT in Northern Ireland. The EU believes that the arrangement is risky and inherently risky. The EU has refused to allow any talks over reopening the protocol, instead offering a package to free up ...
Updated: 05/22/2022
Pelosi warns of possible trade war with UK over NI protocol
... exempting some goods moving between Great Britain and Ireland from EU customs checks. Pelosi viewed the protocol as essential to the success of the Good Friday peace agreement of 1998, which minimized border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The protocol for Northern Ireland was the result of negotiations with the EU on how to keep the frictionless border between the Irelands and maintain EU customs boundaries after Brexit . If the United Kingdom is going to undermine the Good Friday ...
Updated: 05/20/2022
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