U.S. citizen charged with illegally acting as Russian agent
... and remains at large. Prosecutors said that Branson sat in Russian television in October of last year with Maria Butina , who was convicted in 2018 of acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government in a case developed by then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller. According to the court filing, Branson told Butina she left the U.S. after the FBI interview because she thought it was very high that she would be arrested if she stayed. Court documents show that Butina tried to ingratiate herself with the ...
Updated: 03/09/2022
More negative view of Joe Biden than Putin
... was in power. In July 2018, 53% said that Trump was not tough enough, 5% too tough and 35% about right. The Russian election interference in Trump 's favor and his links with Moscow was the subject of an investigation in which the special counsel, Robert Mueller, said he could not say Trump did not seek to obstruct justice. In July 2018, Trump and Putin held a meeting behind closed doors and without close aides at a summit in Helsinki. What was discussed is not known. In 2020, Trump was arrested for ...
Updated: 02/25/2022
Trump ally Roger Stone sues to prevent Jan. 6 panel subpoena
... march that preceded the attack. Stone denied he was in the Capitol on January 6. Stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison in February 2020 for making false statements, obstruction and witness tampering as part of former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Trump initially commuted his sentence before giving him a full pardon.
Updated: 02/25/2022
Tony Podesta lobbied White House on behalf of Huawei
... remains on the entity list and why this administration designated it under E.O. Podesta was hired by Huawei over the summer to assist the company with telecommunications and trade issues, after leaving lobbying for the art world after Special Counsel Robert Mueller snoopered in Russia during the Trump administration. The White House did not respond to the FOX Business request for comment on the public disclosure forms.
Updated: 01/23/2022
Russian-intelligence insider extradited to US, could help us crack open 2016 election
... was extradited from Switzerland to the U.S. on December 18 for wire fraud, securities fraud and unauthorized access to computers, along with five other Russian nationals, including Ivan Ermakov, who was also charged in 2018 by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller 's investigation into the 2016 hack. The charging documents say Klyushin and his associates stole nonpublic information from the computer networks of two vendors used by public companies to make quarterly and annual filings to the SEC, and then ...
Updated: 01/03/2022
House Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Roger Stone, Alex Jones
... Stone came after courtroom battles fought by the two Trump allies in the past. Stone was sentenced in February 2020 to more than three years in prison for making false statements, obstruction and witness tampering as part of former special counsel Robert Mueller 's Russia investigation. Trump offered him a full pardon shortly before he left office, but he initially commuted his sentence. Jones was found liable for damages brought by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.
Updated: 11/22/2021
Ex-CIA analyst arrested in connection with Trump-Russia dossier
... with making a false statement to the FBI. As a result of concerns with the Bureau in 2016, Sussmann failed to disclose during the meeting that he was working for multiple clients, including Hillary Clinton 's presidential campaign. Special Counsel Robert Mueller "s report found the Russian government did try to interfere in the 2016 election for Trump"s benefit and that Trump"s campaign had numerous undisclosed contacts with Russians , but much of the information in the dossier compiled ...
Updated: 11/04/2021
Pro-Trump activists face record fine over robocalls
... private database used by police to track down old criminal warrants and by credit card companies for collection of outstanding debts. Wohl and Burkman , two far-right agents know for manipulating political stunts like trying to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Anthony Fauci , director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases with false allegations of sexual misconduct, are known at all times for partisan reasons. They also faced civil charges in New York and civil accusations ...
Updated: 08/24/2021
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