Loretta Mester says she is open to tapering if inflation does not reduce
... consider tapering faster at the next meeting so that it wraps up a few months earlier. Mester said recently that they would consider a faster pace of tapering if economic data was strong, as a handful of regional Fed presidents, including Mary Daly of San Francisco and Raphael Bostic of Atlanta . Charlie Penner, the Investor Reshaping Exxon From the Inside, is not Charlie Penner.
Updated: 12/02/2021
Qualcomm to develop mobile devices for gaming
... games on the go. Dec 1, Reuters -- Qualcomm Inc has released a new chip designed for gaming-specific handheld devices with 5 G connectivity, a potential new mobile platform for video gamers that allows them to play streaming games on the go. The San Diego-based firm has partnered with gaming hardware company Razer Inc to create an initial test device for game makers. Qualcomm is the world's biggest supplier of chips for smartphones, which have become a key platform for video games, which in turn ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
San Francisco public transit operator challenges Cruise ride permit
Reuters- San Francisco's public transit operator has challenged Cruise's application to charge for robotaxi rides, saying on Wednesday promotional videos from the General Motors Co unit show Cruise passengers illegally hopping into and out of vehicles in the middle ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
Snowflake raises full-year expectations, sees product sales double
... Snowflake became one of the most highly valued public tech companies after its initial public offering in 2020 because of its potential to battle Oracle Corp. ORCL, with database software native to the cloud. The company, which was previously based in San Francisco but now claims not to have a headquarters as employees work remotely, attracted big-name investors including Warren Buffett 's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRK.A, BRK.B and investment analysts. As data plays an increasingly important role in businesses ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
Shiba Inu hits two-week high, but the bottom could be in
... set off a 17% gain on the day, suggesting that the bottom could be in. controversies surrounding Shiba Inu, and meme coins in general, are still as relevant as ever. What was the reason behind Shiba Inu's spike? Shiba Inu got a boost on Tuesday after San Francisco -based Kraken announced support for SHIB. Some major exchange listings of meme coins have proved to be contentious, as they say meme tokens do not warrant such treatment. Robinhood has so far resisted community pressure to list SHIB, even though ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
New coronavirus variant detected in California
... the coronavirus has been detected in California. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday that the omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected in California . The CDC said in a statement that the California and San Francisco Departments of Public Health confirmed the case in a traveler who returned from South Africa on November 22. On Monday, a person tested positive for Covid - 19. The statement stated that the individual, who was fully vaccinated and had mild ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
Nuro to launch first commercial autonomous delivery service in California
San FRANCISCO Reuters said on Wednesday that the company is rolling out California's first commercial autonomous delivery service in partnership with 7-Eleven, a convenience store operator. SAN FRANCISCO Reuters said on Wednesday that the company is rolling ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
Twitch creates tool to prevent harassment of users
San FRancISCO: Gaming platform Twitch introduced a tool that detects and blocks users who have evade bans, a longstanding problem for victims of harassment. SAN FRANCISCO: Gaming platform Twitch introduced a tool that detects and blocks users who have evade ...
Updated: 12/01/2021
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