SoftBank founder to meet Samsung to discuss potential Arm-designate
... to discuss a potential strategic alliance between the South Korean tech giant and chip designer Arm . The billionaire will make his first visit to Seoul in three years. Son said he'd like to talk with Samsung about a strategic alliance with Arm . The statement follows remarks by Samsung 's Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee, who was quoted as saying by Newswire News 1 that Son may make a proposal on a visit next month. Samsung didn't say anything about the report. SoftBank acquired Arm in 2016 for $32 billion, which powers Apple's iPhone and nearly all other smartphones. A proposal ...
Updated: 09/22/2022
China Development Bank to increase infrastructure loans
... economic provinces. BEIJING The China Development Bank CDB said on Thursday it would increase the number of infrastructure loans it gives to local governments while prioritising the needs of major economic provinces. It comes after China's cabinet was quoted as saying in August it would take more steps to support the world's second-largest economy, including increasing funding for infrastructure projects. The CDB said the lender has spent 360 billion yuan $50.76 billion to fund more than 800 infrastructure projects, although they didn't give a timeframe. The ...
Updated: 09/22/2022
Japan PM Kishida calls for Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
... nuclear weapons after he was facing setbacks in his war against Ukraine. The path to a world without nuclear weapons has become even tougher after Russia attacked Ukraine, but no matter how hard the path may be, we must keep going forward, Kishida was quoted by the ministry as saying at the meeting. Kishida, representing a Constituency in Hiroshima, is vocal about his ambition to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons, and will host a summit of the Group of Seven industrialized nations in May next year in the ...
Updated: 09/22/2022
World leaders condemn Russia’s decision to conscript citizens for war
... war in Ukraine, saying it will further isolate Moscow. On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, AP reported that Mr Macron expressed dismay at a decision that would drag Mr Putin's country, and particularly his country's youth into the war. "Russia is increasingly isolated," Macron said. World leaders are reacting to Russia's decision to conscript citizens with military experience to fight Ukraine in the war. It is the nation's first military mobilization since World War II.
Updated: 09/21/2022
glow-in-the-dark roads tested in Victoria
... look at how it's wearing and how bright it is, and it's working quite well, he said. The markings could have a variety of uses and would be beneficial for pedestrians and boat-ramp users, according to Mr Emanuelli . He said that a lot of people wanted quotes on different types of things. The number of deaths on rural Victorian roads has gone up by 30 per cent this year compared to 2021. Forty-six per cent of the deaths occurred due to vehicles running off the road. La Trobe University Civil Engineering Expert Long Truong said photoluminescent ...
Updated: 09/21/2022
Poland gas pipeline operator Gaz-System connects to Danish network
... . The Polish operator said in a Thursday statement that Gaz-System and its Danish counterpart, Energinet , have carried out a key stage of assembly work on the undersea gas pipeline. The president of Gaz-System's president, Tomasz Stepien , was quoted as saying that the undersea section of the Baltic Pipe has become an element of the domestic transmission system. We have merged the Polish and Danish gas networks with the investment, creating a new corridor for natural gas supplies to Central and Eastern Europe. ...
Updated: 09/21/2022
Iran sends police to streets as tensions rise
... rights groups and local media reported that up to six people had been killed in the crackdowns. There were reports of internet blackouts in parts of the country in an attempt to quell growing anger. The telecommunications minister, Issa Zarepour, was quoted by the official Irna news agency as saying there had been some temporary restrictions in some places and at some hours State media reported that police used teargas and made arrests to disperse crowds of up to 1,000 people on Tuesday evening. The Irna ...
Updated: 09/21/2022
Govt expects major investments under PLI plan
... semiconductor and display facilities, according to news agency Reuters on Wednesday. The government is expecting major investments under its plan to increase support for new semiconductor and display facilities, according to news agency Reuters on Wednesday. The report quoted Rajeev Chandrasekhar MoS for electronics and technology as saying that the current investment expectation is to the tune of at least $25 billion. The Cabinet approved changes to the production-linked incentive PLI scheme for manufacturing semiconductors ...
Updated: 09/21/2022
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