EU leaders blame Russia for pipeline leaks
I'll be with you on the liveblog as Europe wake up. Neither of the European leaders have said sabotage is the most likely cause of leaks in two Nord Stream gas pipelines between Russia and Europe, after seismologists reported explosions around the Baltic Sea. I'm Tess McClure and I'll be with you on the liveblog as ...
Updated: 09/28/2022
EU draft rules to let victims file for compensation
.... Individuals and companies that suffer harm from drones, robots and other products or services equipped with artificial intelligence software will be able to file for compensation under EU draft rules, as per the EU draft rules seen by Reuters. The European Commission will announce on Wednesday the AI Liability Directive, aimed at address the increasing proliferation of AI -enabled products and services and the patchwork of national rules across the 27- country European Union . Victims can get compensation ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
Poland president says Baltic Pipe will strengthen country's sovereignty
The Baltic Pipe will strengthen Poland's sovereignty and make it unaffected by fossil fuels imports from Russia, the president said on Tuesday at the symbolic opening of a major Norway-Denmark-Poland gas pipeline. The Baltic Pipe will strengthen Poland's ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
Hungary’s key interest rate to be raised to new EU high
Hungary's key interest rate will be raised to a new European Union high as a standoff with the bloc over rule of law complicates the central bank's efforts to end its monetary tightening cycle. Hungary's key interest ... ... Governor Barnabas Virag is expected to speak at 3 p.m. Hungary is trying to unfreeze recovery funds that the EU executive commission is refusing to release due to corruption concerns as the country faces a spike in energy prices and the highest inflation ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
Ireland to deliver two budgets in one year; one-off package
... The budget surplus for 2021 will be less than the 0.9% GDP predicted by the finance ministry , while the provisional 2.2% forecast for 2023 does not include budgetary measures, with most of the one-off payments to be made within a few weeks. In May, the European Commission predicted that Denmark would be the only country in the EU to deliver a surplus this year, with Sweden, Ireland and Luxembourg joining in 2023. Ireland would not be taking in less money without the corporate tax haul generated by its large ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
Giorgia Meloni’s Eurosceptic Party swept to victory in elections
... Vox, tweeted that Meloni has shown the way for a proud, free Europe of sovereign nations. Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares warned that populist movements always grow, but it always ends in the same way — in a catastrophe. A spokesman for the European Commission said it hoped for constructive cooperation with the new government, a line echoed by the Kremlin. The US said it hoped that the new government would continue to support Ukraine in the war against Russia. We are eager to work with Italy's government ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
KKV issues guidelines for environmental marketing
... present inaccurate or misleading information in marketing. The rule applies also to environmental claims, which must be clear, precise and understandable and backed by proof. The principles for environmental marketing have been laid out by KKV and the European Commission . Fortum has pledged to comply with the demands of the ombudsman not to use generalised claims and imaging to create an impression of eco-friendliness without, in the same context, clearly specifying what concrete factors the impression is ...
Updated: 09/26/2022
European Commission approves takeover of Polish rival Lotos
The European Commission EC has given the final approval of the takeover of Poland's dominant oil and gas company, PKN Orlen, of its rival Lotos Group. The European Commission EC has given the final approval of the takeover of Poland's dominant oil and gas company,...
Updated: 09/26/2022
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