NATO to increase troop numbers to over 300,000
... direct threat, the secretary-general says. Russia's February invasion of Ukraine has caused a major geopolitical shift in the West, prompting Finland and Sweden to apply to join NATO and Ukraine in order to secure the status as a candidate to join the European Union . Russia has walked away from the partnership and dialogue that NATO has tried to establish with Russia for many years, says Jens Stoltenberg , NATO secretary-general in Brussels ahead of a NATO summit in Madrid later this week. They have chosen ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Japan, Senegal discuss Ukraine crisis in talks
MUNICH Kyodo Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida expressed concern on Monday with Senegalese President Macky Sall over the suffering in Africa due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, emphasized the invasion's role in causing a global food crisis.... ... development, known as TICAD, which is scheduled to be held in Tunisia in late August. Sall , who serves as chair of the African Union , had previously blamed Western sanctions for the food crisis, in line with a claim made by Russian President Vladimir ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
EU, US target 1.5 million smart thermostats this year
The European Union will try to deploy 1.5 million energy-saving'smart thermostats this year as it seeks to wean itself off Russian energy, Brussels and Washington announced on Monday, June 27 A smart thermostat is a device that adjusts heating and The European Union ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Lithuania warns of cyberattack from Russia
... are on edge at a time of growing tensions between Russia and the American-led alliance because of the sudden flare-up along a sensitive fault line between East and West. Lithuania insists it has no cargo ban and accuses Russia of lying. According to the European Union sanctions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has restricted 1 percent of the goods that pass by rail through Lithuanian territory. Russia has reacted with fury, claiming that Europe had imposed an illegal blockade on its westernmost territory,...
Updated: 06/27/2022
EU countries to step up natural gas storage requirements
As they prepare for the possibility that Russia will reduce deliveries, the European Union countries agreed on Monday that all natural gas storage in the 27 nation bloc should be topped up to at least 80% capacity for next winter. As they prepare for the possibility that Russia will reduce deliveries, the European Union countries agreed ...
Updated: 06/27/2022
Russia defaulted for first time in a century
... Euroclear, a settlement house in Belgium. The US Treasury ended its sanctions on US bondholders after half of Russia's foreign reserves were frozen and the US Treasury ended a carve-out from sanctions that had allowed US bondholders to be repaid by Russia. The European Union made it harder for Moscow to meet its debt obligations earlier this month by sanctioning Russia's National Settlement Depository , the country's agent for foreign currency bonds. It took longer than many had anticipated: Sanctions have largely ...
Updated: 06/27/2022
Iran Nuclear Talks to resume in Qatar on Tuesday
... presidential official said on the sidelines of the summit that Iran and Venezuela should be allowed to return to oil markets to help stabilize prices, describing US sanctions on energy exports as a knot that needs to be untied. The talks in Doha will involve the European Union spokesman and envoys from Tehran and Washington, and they follow a visit by the EU s top diplomats to the Iranian capital, where they said on Saturday that the negotiations will resume within days and take place in a Persian Gulf state. After about ...
Updated: 06/27/2022
Lithuania reports cyberattack on government websites
... agencies forced to suspend online services for several hours. They came online later the same day. The incident came a week after Russian officials threatened to retaliate after Lithuania banned the transit of steel and ferrous metals under the E.U. The ban on goods under European Union sanctions was announced by Lithuanian authorities earlier this month and caused a flurry of angry retorts from Moscow, with the Kremlin denouncing the move as unprecedented and unlawful. Moscow has accused Lithuania and the E.U. A non-diplomatic ...
Updated: 06/27/2022
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