Here's what it's like to be a billionaire in the US
... Gisele B ndchen and Tom Brady ? Dominion Voting official speaks out in hiding: 'This never ends for me...' The wild ride that made Rudy Giuliani , ' Kraken ' lawyer Sidney Powell and Fox News targets in the mother of all defamation cases. Nikola 's Trevor Milton left a trail of bitterness on his way to founding the electric car startup Nikola .
Updated: 08/12/2021
Early electric-truck maker Nikola shares plunge
... retrofitted. 'We will put the missing components in there and - assuming the customer is OK with taking that as a later delivery - we will convert it to a sale, Russell said. The startup and its CEO are working to put distance between themselves and Trevor Milton , who founded the company in 2014 and was charged by federal prosecutors on 29 July for making false statements to investors. The indictment charged Nikola, who stepped down as executive chairman in September, of lying about Milton's business and ...
Updated: 08/03/2021
U.S. electric truck maker Nikola slashes revenue forecast
... million to $30 million. A longer global chip shortage had caught major automakers including Ford Motor, Honda Motor, General Motors and Volkswagen off guard, forcing many to idle or delay production. The earnings report comes days after Founder Trevor Milton was criminally charged with defrauding investors by lying to them about the electric - and hydrogen-powered truck manufacturer's products and technology. Milton's indictment is a potential distraction, the company said on Tuesday. Nikola expects ...
Updated: 08/03/2021
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