Twitter says it won't take yes for answer in Elon Musk's bid
... deal to buy the company, Twitter has demanded a day in court. In another day of drama for the Twitter takeover scandal, Musk s lawyers revealed that a last-ditch bid by the Tesla chief executive to avert legal proceedings had failed. After months in ... ... court, said the company. The five-day trial on the deal is scheduled to begin on 17 October in Delaware. Musk 's representatives stated in a filing at the Delaware court of chancery that the deal could close on or about 28 October without a trial. It added ...
Updated: 10/06/2022
Mental health issues become a focus for refugees in Malaysia
... and his two children in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur shocked the nation in August. It was later reported that the father had been suffering from depression that deteriorated after he lost his job during the Pandemic. The incident raised the spotlight on the state of mental health of the refugee and migrant group in Malaysia. The President of the Alliance of Chin Refugees ACR Salai Maung Maung Maung Lat said he personally heard of 19 suicide cases in the last two years among the Burmese migrant community....
Updated: 10/06/2022
Twitter says Elon Musk's latest bid for company can't be trusted
In a court filing Thursday, Twitter s lawyers fired back at Tesla CEO Elon Musk, accusing the company's recalcitrant buyer of engaging in mischief and delay with ... ... to the letter, Twitter sued Musk to hold him to the terms of the agreement reached April 25. The company said that Musk 's stated concern over fake accounts is the pretext for ditching the agreement and that he had taken the spam and bot issues into ...
Updated: 10/06/2022
Walmart plans to cut more than 1,000 jobs at Atlanta warehouse
... announced plans to hire 40,000 new seasonal workers, most of them in-store associates, to prepare for the busy holiday season. Many U.S. chains are betting that holiday shoppers will return to physical stores once again due to the e-commerce sales level off, and are staffing up accordingly. According to its website, Walmart employs more than 70,000 associates in the state of Georgia.
Updated: 10/06/2022
S&P 500 jumps more than 5% off 2022 low ahead of September jobs report
... market may be cooling off as high inflation and rapidly rising interest rates start to rattle the economy, as job openings in the U.S. fell sharply in August to a 13 month low of 10.1 million. In September, the Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing ... ... 28 month low of 50.9%, its lowest level in more than two years. According to a follow-up interview with MarketWatch , Bell stated that the central bank won't become more aggressive with its interest rate hiking plans because of the weak economic data....
Updated: 10/06/2022
Diverted stablecoin Dai DAI set up by MakerDAO
The stablecoin Dai Dai Dai DAI USD, set aside $500 million to invest in corporate and U.S. Treasury bonds, has been set up by the DAO MakerDAO MaI USD. The stablecoin Dai DAI USD, set aside $500 million to invest ... ... the digital asset bank Sygnum revealed that it is the primary partner in the $500 million diversification effort. MakerDAO stated that they have completed a $1 million transaction and will complete the other investments soon. Signum is collaborating ...
Updated: 10/06/2022
U.N. nuclear watchdog says it does not recognize Russia’s claims
... operational control of the facility, which Russian forces seized in March but is still run by Ukrainian engineers. The Kremlin s announcement that it would put the plant under control of the Russian state has caused more unease, as recurring shelling near the plant has fanned fears about a catastrophic meltdown. On Wednesday,... ... the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency , said that the I.A. was in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. The U.N. charter does not recognize illegal annexations, which is why the plant is viewed as a Ukrainian facility.
Updated: 10/06/2022
World Bank pumped $14.8 billion into fossil fuel projects
... Finance for Fossil Fuels. The report said it serves to perpetuate the use of fossil gas in Europe, while noting that while the pipeline may increase gas export revenues, market volatility makes it an unreliable source of income. The World Bank Group's assessment stated that the project was expected to have potentially significant adverse social and environmental impacts that are diverse, irreversible, or unprecedented - but it gave a green light anyway. The construction of two coal plants in Indonesia called ...
Updated: 10/06/2022
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