US vows to continue efforts to isolate Russia at UN
The US vows to continue its efforts to isolate Russia at the United Nations, but admits it can't strip Moscow of its permanent seat. The US vows to continue its efforts to isolate Russia at the United Nations, but admits it can't strip Moscow of its permanent seat. The US is not accepting Russia's status as a UN Security Council permanent member over the conflict in Ukraine, the US ambassador to the UN said. According to an interview with PBS on May 6, Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Russia's actions are particularly galling given its status as a permanent member, which ...
Updated: 05/08/2022
Syria's Assad meets Iranian leaders in Tehran
... civil war erupted in 2011. Nour News , a website close to Iran's Supreme National Security Council , reported that Assad met with Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei... ... Ebrahim Raisi earlier in the day. The leaders praised the strong ties between their nations and vowed to boost relations further. Assad was reported to have left Tehran... ... global pariah. He visited key patrons Russia and Iran, and made his first trip to the United Arab Emirates since the conflict earlier this year - the clearest signal yet...
Updated: 05/08/2022
CE race is a path to democracy with HK traits!
... executive of the SAR was smoothly held on Sunday. The election of the chief executive, as well as the elections of the Legislative Council and the Election Committee last year, has seen Hong Kong's new electoral rules fully implemented and the principle of ... ... systems. Assuming such important roles when Hong Kong is going through a transition from stability to more prosperity, they must unite various sectors to serve the people faithfully, safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and maintain prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of the sixth-term ...
Updated: 05/08/2022
Iran says wrong maximum pressure policy is to blame
... is to blame for the status quo on the resumption of a 2015 nuclear pact. A phone conversation with Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres , Hossein Amir-Abdollahian slammed the approval of a motion in the US Senate that would bar the administration ... ... revive the nuclear deal, semi-official agency Nour News reported Saturday. Nour News , affiliated with Iran's Supreme National Security Council, doesn't give any details about Mora's upcoming visit.
Updated: 05/08/2022
North Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile hours after US warns of nuclear test
There could extend the range of the North's nuclear arsenal. The United States warned that the country might test a nuclear device soon. Such missiles could extend the range of the North's ... ... Yoon called for more strict enforcement of sanctions against North Korea during the South Korean election campaign. Multiple UN Security Council resolutions have banned North Korea from developing and testing ballistic missile and nuclear weapons technology. North ...
Updated: 05/07/2022
India says diplomacy only viable option in Ukraine
... Mathur stressed that it is in the collective interest of the international community to work constructively, both inside the United Nations and outside, to find an early resolution to the conflict. He said that the global order is anchored on international law,... ... Charter and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of states. Arria-formula meetings are not formal meetings of the Security Council . They are convened at the initiative of a member of the Security Council to hear the views of individuals, organisations ...
Updated: 05/07/2022
UN Security Council adopts first unanimous action on Ukraine war
In its first unanimous action on the Ukraine war, the United Nations Security Council on Friday adopted a statement expressing deep concern and strong support for diplomatic efforts by the U.N. secretary general to find a peaceful solution. In its first unanimous action on the Ukraine war , the United Nations Security Council ...
Updated: 05/06/2022
UN Security Council backs peace process on Ukraine
... according to the statement. The Council also expresses deep concern regarding the maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine and recalls that all member states have pledged to settle their international disputes by peaceful means under the Charter of the United Nations. The Security Council press release did not refer to an invasion of Ukraine, but the AP says the text of the statement does not contain the phrases war, conflict, invasion or special military operation. The United States has asked Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ...
Updated: 05/06/2022
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