Biden administration tells federal courts to end Remain in Mexico
Washington, The Biden administration issued a memo on Thursday to tell federal courts for a second time that it wishes to terminate the Trump-era ... ... and, in compliance with that order, the Department of Homeland Security is working with Mexico to reinstate ... ... Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued in June. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, arguably the most conservative in the country,... ... policy that blocks asylum seekers from entering the United States due to the Covid - 19 pandemic. Over 1 million ...
Updated: 10/29/2021
Kentucky's attorney general vows to defend abortion law
Kentucky s Republican Attorney General laid out his strategy Wednesday to campaign his state's embattled abortion law in court, calling his office the last line of defense for the measure that would block a second-trimester procedure to end pregnancies. Kentucky s Republican Attorney General laid ... ... according to a report in the Courier Journal newspaper. If Cameron wins on the procedural issue, he said, he wants to give law a second chance before the 6th U.S. Supreme Court. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The law was upheld by a federal district judge in Kentucky in 2019 and a three-judge panel of the 6th ...
Updated: 10/06/2021
Citigroup seeks to recoup $504 million from Revlon lenders
... Reuters: On Wednesday, Citigroup Inc pressed a federal appeals court to let it recoup some $504 million of its own money that it accidentally wired Revlon ... ... mistake did not entitle them to a huge windfall. The bank's lawyer Ronald Perelman said the lender ... ... controlled by billionaire Neal Katyal to repay them for another three years. If you hit rewind here, it's not unfair, Katyal told the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of appeals in Manhattan . The parties ... ... three-judge panel said a key precedent from New York state's highest court appeared to leave unanswered ...
Updated: 09/29/2021
U.S. appeals court says Citigroup must face $343. 1 M clawback suit against Madoff
The federal appeals court on Monday said Citigroup Inc must face a $343.... ... Bernard Madoff's former firm, who accused the bank of turning a blind eye to the late swindler's Ponzi ... ... blind eye to the late swindler's Ponzi scheme. The Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said that lower ... ... fraud. It said the correct standard was whether the state bank knew suspicious facts about Madoff that ... ... Khronos LLC, seeking a total of $219.8 million. Lawyers for Picard were not immediately available. Citigroup ...
Updated: 08/30/2021
Coronavirus | Supreme Court blocks eviction moratorium, allowing Biden to enforce help
The Supreme Court of the United States's ruling is blocking temporary evictions across ... ... The court's action late Thursday ends protection for roughly 3.5 million people in the United States ... ... sleep on those steps just to give up now. It was the second loss for the administration this week at the ... ... it because of an earlier ruling from the federal appeals court in Washington , D.C. which sits above ... ... The court of appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit likewise refused to put the CDC order on hold,...
Updated: 08/27/2021
U.S. appeals court tosses out $147. 8 million case in China price fixing case
NEW YORK, Aug 10 -A United States appeals court on Tuesday tossed out a price fixing ... ... case that spotlighted trade tensions between the United States and China. NEW YORK, Aug ... ... United States and China . Dismissing the case of 16 - 1 2 - year old was justified because ... ... Manhattan said. The 2 - 1 decision is a defeat for Texas-based Animal Science Products Inc ... ... The U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 ordered a second look, saying federal courts owe respect ... ... supported American companies in that case. The Circuit Judge William Nardini wrote for Tuesday's ...
Updated: 08/10/2021
U.S. appeals appeals court allows former SocGen official to travel to France
NEW YORK, August 5 - A former head of the Treasury Desk of Societe Generale SA could travel ... ... to rig the Libor benchmark interest rate, a U.S. court ruled on Thursday Reversed a lower court ruling, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (CDU) held today. The Circuit Court of Appeals ... ... permits her to live freely, Circuit Judge Bescond wrote for a 2 - 1 majority. My reasons for litigating on ... ... June 2018 to pay $750 million of fines to settle United States criminal and civil Libor rigging charges. The ...
Updated: 08/05/2021
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