Canada's boardroom feud highlights shortcomings in corporate governance
... Communications Inc. has highlighted shortcomings in how Canada regulates companies. Richard Leblanc, a governance professor at York University , says that out-dated rules allowing undemocratic business practices at both the provincial and federal level. He said a Friday ruling from the British Columbia Supreme Court that found Edward Rogers, head of the Rogers family trust, could replace directors without holding a shareholder meeting only because the province is an outlier ...
Updated: 11/07/2021
The worst risk of ship accidents in Southern California
River bottlenecks are getting worse as the storm season coming to the shores of Southern California. Lisbon. River bottlenecks are getting worse as the storm season ... ... congestion at a port. In March 2020, Golden Cecilie crossed with Green K-Max 1 off British Columbia amid shaving winds, entangling both vessels anchor chains. In a new high-profile... ... more prone to making mistakes, according to Mikis Tsimplis, a professor at the City University of Hong Kong law school and a specialist in maritime law. He said that ship...
Updated: 11/05/2021
Judge to rule on whether Rogers had the power to dismiss independent directors
The British Columbia Supreme Court judge is scheduled to rule Friday on whether Edward Rogers had the power to dismiss five independent directors of Rogers Communications Inc. with a stroke of a pen and replace them with five others of his own Choosing. The British Columbia ... ... charge. You just need to see how he has treated the old directors. A former professor of governance, law and ethics at York University , Richard Leblanc, said although some shareholders or corporate governance experts don't like the structure, it has ...
Updated: 11/05/2021
University of Toronto to divest itself from fossil fuels by 2030
... Gertler says that the growing severity of the climate crisis means the university must now take additional, immediate and decisive action. U of T becomes the latest Canadian university to commit to divesting their endowment, following on the likes of University of British Columbia , University of Guelph and Concordia University . The divestment movement has gained momentum globally with recent news including Harvard University committing to divest its US $42 billion endowment in September, while a coalition of groups ...
Updated: 10/27/2021
Coronavirus | Canada faces job loss as vaccine mandate looms
... strain the already overburdened workforce dealing with nearly two years of the pandemic. The uncertainty sparked by vaccine mandates underscores the challenges ahead on the road to recovery. Devon Greyson, assistant professor of public health at the University of British Columbia , said officials are steering onto uncharted waters with mass vaccine mandates, and it's not clear how workers will respond. It is scary, Grayson said. However, he added that we're in an ethical situation where it's also scary to not ensure that ...
Updated: 10/10/2021
Photos of dozens of killer whales off North America coast
In a recently released catalog, researchers from the University of British Columbia examined 13 years of photo identification data and more than 100,000 photographs taken off North America's west coast. In a recently released catalog, researchers from the University of British Columbia examined 13 years of photo identification ...
Updated: 10/09/2021
Canada's Justin Trudeau fails to win majority in parliament
... necessary to pass all legislation. It seems to suggest exactly what people want, which is some degree of ambivalence. They're not prepared to have one party or another get all the reins, said Gerald Baier, an associate political science professor at University of British Columbia . Trudeau, a father of three, comes from Canadian political royalty. Born on December 1st, 1971 to a sitting Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau , he worked as a teacher and snowboard instructor before winning a seat in Parliament in 2008 ...
Updated: 09/21/2021
Amazon takes on Teamsters in Canada, says it will fight back
... where labor laws are much friendlier to unions than federal labor laws. Affiliates of the Teamsters union are attempting to organize employees in at least nine of the... ... on Friday, citing interviews with local union officials working in provinces from British Columbia to Canada . The Teamsters earlier this week said they had filed paperwork... ... similar to that conducted in Edmonton , David Doorey, an associate professor at York University in Toronto , said in an email earlier this week after the Edmonton organizing...
Updated: 09/17/2021
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