High gas prices hitting hourly workers hard
... like groceries, gas, utilities, and rent. The data comes from a new Harris Poll commissioned by DailyPay and Funding Our Future , an alliance of organizations dedicated to making a secure retirement possible for all Americans who is a partner of Yahoo Finance . The survey, conducted in May, showed 2,032 U.S. adults, 654 of whom were hourly workers. A study from the Federal Reserve found that 40% of adults would not be able to cover an unexpected expense of $400 if they were faced with it, or would ...
Updated: 06/24/2022
Dow and S&P 500 open at record highs as investors digested mixed earnings
... transitory things, and they would calm down on their own. I do think that once those pandemic effects have passed through, there is going to be some inflation in higher than the Fed 's comfort zone, Tom Graff , Brown Advisory head of fixed income, told Yahoo Finance . I think they're going to be able to take control of it, I think they'll start tapering QE in the fourth quarter and probably wind up hiking late in 2022 or early in 2023. How many hikes does it take to complete the trail? How high do the interest ...
Updated: 08/12/2021
Las Vegas sports entertainment plan sparks interest
... professional basketball team to the city. According to Oak View Group CEO Tim Leiweke , the company's $3 billion Las Vegas sports entertainment plan was released on Wednesday, and he expressed interest in hosting an NBA team. He noted in an interview on Yahoo Finance Live that it is important that the plan can work without the NBA . We've made very clear, and we know the NBA well - I've been part of the NBA family my entire career - there are no expectations or guarantees that're going to come, Leiweke ...
Updated: 04/01/2022
Bitcoin trading above $31,200 for the first time in nearly a year
... cap suggests investors are seeking it as a safer investment during a period of contraction, which Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have deemed the winter. Andy Edstrom, managing director of advisory services with SwanBitcoin, told Yahoo Finance thatBitcoin is probably the most volatile asset in history. Its volatility has come down over the many years it has been in existence. Originally envisioned as an electronic cash outside of the monetary control of governments during the 2007 -- ...
Updated: 06/06/2022
Xponential CEO says Peloton fitness is a COVID-19 fad
... is proving to be a COVID 19 pandemic fad. Anthony Geisler, founder and CEO of Xponential Fitness, said that burning 500 calories on a Peloton bike or other connected device in the bedroom is proving to be a COVID 19 pandemic fad. Geisler said on Yahoo Finance Live when asked if home workouts like Peloton were a Pandemic-era fad. Working from home has been around for a long time. When I was a kid, I tell people my mom did Richard Simmons 'Sweating to the Oldies.' It's not that it's new to work out at ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Stock futures open flat as Fed officials discuss policy moves
... 2019. The market had to digest a lot of information, including a lot of hawkish information from the Fed over the last couple of days. We had been in a sell-off mode. Kevin Nicholson , chief investment officer at RiverFront Investment Group , told Yahoo Finance Live on Thursday that the equity markets especially have some positive things going on. We still think that the earnings season will be better than expectations. We also think that you have support with a strong labor market. The economy is in ...
Updated: 04/07/2022
Unvaccinated people are more likely to die from COVID - 19 than fully vaccinated
... medical miracle that we were able to take the information that we've had over two decades and have all of our agencies working together to get us a vaccine in record time, Dr. Adam Brown , national task force chair of Envision Healthcare , said on Yahoo Finance Live recently. What's important for folks to understand is that the safety procedures, clinical trials, the number of people who were tested with the vaccine have been followed just like they have with other types of medications. Vaccination has ...
Updated: 08/24/2021
Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran explains why small businesses are thriving
... 40 owned and franchise trunks nationwide with 9 dine-in restaurants, just opened a new location in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a seasonal town that is betting big on the return of the shore. The investors Barbara Corcoran , a New Jersey native, told Yahoo Finance that communities like Asbury Park are a shining example of what success looks like in tough times. When you go to a community like Asbury Park, they have had many stores close. She said that people can lose faith in the future and think that this ...
Updated: 06/04/2022
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