California declares state of emergency over monkeypox
... of an outbreak that has infected more than 5,800 Americans. California, the nation's most populous state, has confirmed 827 monkeypox cases as of Monday, the second largest state tally after the 1,390 infections documented in New York, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . The first case of monkeypox in the United States was confirmed in Massachusetts on May 20, with the first case in California, confirmed five days later by a person who hadn't ravelledabroad. Monkeypox , which spreads through close physical ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
Polio was present in water a month before first confirmed US case in nearly a decade
... before the diagnosis was made public on July 21. A young adult in Rockland County developed polio and was diagnosed last month, becoming the first polio case detected in the US since 2013. The residents were asked to make sure they had been vaccinated. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the presence of the virus in wastewater indicated there might be more people in the community who are shedding the virus in their excrement. Laboratory tests also confirmed the strain in the case was genetically linked to one found in ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
California plans to manufacture insulin in response to large increase in cost
... infant's large intestine and was largely present in California. One course of California's botulism treatment costs more than $57,000, according to a legislative analysis, while there are only 110 cases of infant botulism reported each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Some 7 million people in the United States require insulin to treat diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes must inject themselves with insulin every day. There are only three companies that produce most of the world's insulin. Due to California's ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
India first monkeypox death in Asia as cases spike
... was found, which could have a negative effect on transmission dynamics in the case of Congo. Nigeria has had a major outbreak with over 500 suspected cases and 200 confirmed cases since 2017. The case fatality ratio here is 3 per cent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's monkeypox outbreak global map, there have been more than 23,620 cases in the current outbreak in 80 countries. According to a report in the BBC , Brazil, Spain, and Ghana have reported a death each. The disease is at its juvenile stage, ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
California, Illinois declare state health emergencies due to monkeypox
... announced Tuesday as national monkeypox coordinator and deputy, respectively. Fenton helped lead the country's mass vaccination effort for Covid -- 19 as the Federal Emergency Management Agency acting administrator. Daskalakis is the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's HIV prevention division. The White House 's top medical adviser, Anthony Fauci , said the pair was a good combination to tackle an illness that still presents some mysteries, including whether the virus can spread when a carrier has no symptoms....
Updated: 08/02/2022
Royal Caribbean stock drops 7.5% after $900 million convertible offering
... purposes, including addressing 2023 debt maturities. The cruise industry has been battered by the Covid -related travel halts and restrictions since the pandemic began making headlines in early 2020. As of July 18, the Covid 19 program was lifted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for cruise ships, sparking a multiday rally for cruise operators. Carnival's stock offering, announced July 21, put a quick end to that optimism. Royal Caribbean 's convertible offering is causing more pain. It had previously raised $2.2 billion ...
Updated: 08/01/2022
New rules to reduce salmonella risk in chicken products
... agency notified producers of the proposed changes on Friday. USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety Sandra Eskin said it was the beginning of a larger agency effort to curtail salmonella illnesses, which sickens 1.3 million Americans each year. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , it sends more than 26,000 of them to hospitals and causes 420 deaths. Food is the source of most of the illnesses....
Updated: 08/01/2022
Kremlin special envoy Dmitry Sobchak says his condition stable
... suddenly, and began to stop feeling the arms and legs. She quoted Chubais, who said of his condition: I was hospitalized in one of the European clinics with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barr syndrome. Condition of moderate severity, stable. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare disorder in which the immune system harms the body's nerves. Chubais didn't reply to a request for comment from CNN and it's not clear where he is currently in Europe. Dmitry Peskov , a Kremlin spokesman,...
Updated: 08/01/2022
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