Russia blames West for huge global storm
The Kremlin press secretary says that absurd decisions by the US ... ... taken by the authorities in the US, Europe, the EU and individual European countries, he said. The sanctions imposed by the US, the ... ... being artificially introduced in the West, Russia s trade and economic relations are starting to focus more on the East, he said.... ... part of trade and economic relations, energy dialogue, and other areas.
Updated: 09/06/2022
Euro zone business activity contracts for second month in a row
Reuters business activity contracted for a second month in August, as demand sank, with customers wary of the deepening cost of living and the gloom economic outlook curtailing their purchases, according to a survey. LONDON Reuters business activity contracted for a second ... ... Williamson , chief business economist at S&P Global , said that a second month of deteriorating business conditions in the euro area adds to the likelihood of GDP contracting in the third quarter. In August, output fell at an increased rate, with companies ...
Updated: 09/05/2022
First section along Corridor 5c opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The first motorway section along Corridor 5 c in the Republika RS to be completed was ... ... facilitated further funding in the form of favourable loans worth almost 70 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development . The favourable financial conditions... ... and taxpayers. The EU single market and the Western Balkans are the world's largest economic area and EU-supported motorway projects along Corridor 5 c deliver further economic...
Updated: 09/01/2022
European stocks fall on rate hikes, inflation concerns
The main European stocks index fell to its lowest in seven weeks in a rough start to September, due to concerns about aggressive rate hikes ... ... inflation had risen to a new record high last month ahead of an upcoming European Central Bank policy meeting next week. The economic situation in the euro area continues to deteriorate, with clear signs that growth is slowing due to the spike in energy prices resulting from the Ukraine ...
Updated: 09/01/2022
China market key for European companies
According to a survey released on Monday by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China remains a key market for European companies because of its economic resilience and large domestic market. According to a survey released on Monday by the China Council for the Promotion ... ... said business communities in the two countries have broad prospects for cooperation in economy and trade, particularly in the areas of digital and marine economy, green innovation and industrial and supply chains.
Updated: 08/30/2022
Germany calls for EU expansion to include Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia
... MICHAL CIZEK AFP PRAGUE German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for an enlargement of the European Union to include Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and said a gradual transition... ... The differences between the member states will grow as far as political interests, economic clout and social security systems are concerned with this expanded Union, he... ... a gradual transition to majority voting in common foreign policy, but also in other areas, such as tax policy knowing full well that this would also have repercussions...
Updated: 08/29/2022
Japan, African leaders call for fair financing amid Ukraine crisis
... commitment to better cope with a food crisis exacerbated by Russia's war in Ukraine. The leaders have affirmed the importance of fair and transparent financing in order... ... Black Sea ports that have prevented shipments of Ukrainian crops. Russia blamed Western economic sanctions on its invasion of Ukraine for the food shortages. Some African nations... ... long-term leases of port facilities and other infrastructure in strategically important areas. Since its fifth session in 2013 TICAD has been held every three years since...
Updated: 08/28/2022
Tunisia rationing food, queues at petrol stations
... queues have hit petrol stations due to a shortage of fuel, as the government struggles to cope with a looming crisis in public ... ... international help this summer, from the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to fund grain ... ... of biscuits and snacks. Khadija , a woman shopping in the same area, said she could not find any subsidised cooking oil and could ... ... President Saied has not given a clear indication of his preferred economic policy since taking over most powers in July 2021 in moves ...
Updated: 08/26/2022
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