White House proposes non-binding AI Bill of Rights
... privacy, freedom from discrimination and basic dignity. There are ethical safeguards in place that some companies have implemented. The administration officials said they were concerned that new problems with AI are emerging. The Biden administration's move comes at a time when the European Union is moving towards regulating high-risk systems, while the United States has not come close to a comprehensive law to regulate AI. There were no proposals for new laws in Tuesday's announcement. Individual regulators, including the Federal Trade ...
Updated: 10/04/2022
UN to give Merkel Refugee Award for German efforts
... in other parts of the world, Saltmarsh told reporters. Merkel spoke about the plight of refugees around the world. Merkel 's decision to let in so many migrants boosted the far-right Alternative for Germany party and resulted in protests by a vocal minority. She was blasted by some governments for being too friendly to refugees when some European Union partner states were closing borders to refugees and asylum seekers. The prize includes a $150,000 prize. Four regional winners ...
Updated: 10/04/2022
Ukraine's Zelenskiy says country has retaken 450 settlements
The Ukrainian army has liberated more than 450 settlements in the northern Kharkiv region ... ... alone since September, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in his nightly address. The European Union countries are close to a deal on a new sanctions package, as they face strong... ... said. Russian units defeated on these fronts were previously considered to be Russia's premier conventional fighting force. Ukrainian forces made advances on the Oskil River-Kreminna...
Updated: 10/04/2022
U.S. Treasury says new G7 sanctions to target Russian oil in 3 phases
Trade sanctions by G 7 countries on Russia will target its oil and products in three phases, senior U.S. treasury official Ben Harris told the European Crude Conference in Geneva on Tuesday. GENEVA Reuters - New sanctions by G 7 countries on Russia will target its oil ... ... output and above the marginal production cost for Russia's most expensive oil well. Sanctions from both the G 7 and the European Union are due to begin on December 5. The EU will ban shipping of Russian oil from Dec. 5 and products from Feb. 5, cutting the ...
Updated: 10/04/2022
Gazprom allows Hungary to delay natural gas bills as imports surge
... giant Gazprom PJSCOGZPY will allow Hungary to delay payments for natural gas if necessary, as surging imports threaten to derail the country s strained budget. Russian energy giant Gazprom PJSC OGZPY will allow Hungary to delay payments for natural gas if necessary,... ... the continent will be able to navigate this winter with sufficient inventories, an influx of LNG and measures taken by the European Union to combat the crisis, natural gas prices in Europe fell, with the benchmark futures declining 10%. Natural gas prices have ...
Updated: 10/04/2022
Australia lists Grey snake, wallaby as threatened species
Australia's government pledged to stop plant and animal extinctions on Tuesday, as it listed the grey snake and a small wallaby among 15 new threatened species. Australia's government pledged to stop plant and animal ... ... conservation officer. She welcomed Australia's target of zero new extinctions, saying it matched the goals of New Zealand and the European Union member countries. Lowry pressed the government to set out and fund a recovery plan for the more than 1,900 threatened species ...
Updated: 10/04/2022
Environment damage in Ukraine estimated to be about $35 billion
Environmental damage in Ukraine due to Russia's invasion was estimated to be around €36 billion US $35.3 billion with millions of hectares of natural reserves under threat,... ... billion with millions of hectares of natural reserves under threat, Ukraine's environment minister said on Monday. One fifth of the protected areas in Ukraine is at risk of destruction and about 2,000 cases of environmental damage have already been recorded,...
Updated: 10/03/2022
California gasoline price soars to nearly 70% above the national average
... the fourth quarter will not be typical. The deep recession could lead to modest prices, but other scenarios point to strength for crude CLX 22, CL. Kloza said that it was gasoline RBX 22, and diesel. We will lose some Russian oil in early December, as the European Union slaps off Russian oil in early December. More important, about 3 million barrels per day, or perhaps 18% of U.S. refining capacity, will be idled this month due to work maintenance or events, he said. It's going to keep upward pressure on gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, but it's probably deterring some of the speculative buying of crude.
Updated: 10/03/2022
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