Japanese cookery expert shares recipes for homeless people
In the Taste of Life series, cooking experts, chefs and others involved in the field of ... ... Issue Japan , a magazine launched in 2003 that helps people living on the streets gain financial independence. Homeless people buy magazines and sell them on street corners... ... income and places to work. Edamoto said that having to throw away food when a certain time comes is a societal problem. She said that the public can no longer carry on the...
Updated: 05/26/2022
European Central Bank exec says EU plans to launch digital euro
... too risky to act as a reliable means of payment. They behave more like speculative assets and raise multiple public policy and financial stability concerns. Recent developments in the market for cripto-assets illustrate that it is an illusion to believe that private instruments can act as money when they can't be converted into public money at all times, Panetta said. Panetta is concerned about more volatility and risks in the stable coin market, with Panetta declaring ...
Updated: 05/26/2022
Alibaba reports 59 pc drop in annual profit
....8 billion since March 2022, and our domestic businesses have been heavily affected by the COVID 19 resurgence in China, particularly in Shanghai. It said that considering the risks and uncertainties arising from COVID - 19 it is prudent not to give financial guidance at this time, as we normally do at the beginning of the fiscal year. Internet giant Baidu reported on Thursday a net loss of 885 million yuan COVID $140 million in the first quarter, following a series of sluggish results by prominent Chinese tech firms. Baidu 's business has been negatively ...
Updated: 05/26/2022
WeWork's Adam and Rebekah Neumann’s redemption story is underway
... pioneering climate technology company, is working to build market infrastructure in the voluntary carbon market. Flowcarbon , a pioneering climate technology company... ... In what Tech Crunch calls Neumann 's redemption story, the duo is back, and this time they are targeting carbon credits. Is Flowcarbon using the technology to fight... ... enhanced by the buyers. Dana Gibber , CEO of Flowcarbon , said the VCM was a great financial mechanism to offset the environmental damage caused by carbon emissions. On...
Updated: 05/26/2022
Manufacturing investment in India grows 20% in FY20
In the previous fiscal year, manufacturing sector investments grew 20% compared to the previous financial, even as the rent payout, interest paid and profits fell. As per the provisional Annual Survey of Industries ASI released ... ... conducted through the ASI Web Portal from April 2021 to January 2022. The field work of ASI 2019- 20 was suspended for a long time due to the second wave of Covid 19 in the country which stretched the survey period beyond its stipulated time, the ministry ...
Updated: 05/26/2022
U.K. unveils windfall tax in U-turn
... pledged to move on from months of scandal over parties in government buildings during the A package of help was unveiled on Thursday to help relieve a severe cost-of-living... ... for consumers. As skyrocketing energy and food bills drive millions of people into financial hardship, the government is under pressure to act. In April, the highest level... ... said that he was humbled and took full responsibility but insisted that it was now time to focus on Britain's battered economy and the war in Ukraine. Johnson is facing...
Updated: 05/26/2022
More than 100 House members attack SEC rule requiring farmers to disclose climate information
... regulatory requirements on small farms. In a letter led by Rep. John Rose , R-Tenn, the lawmakers said that a proposed rule for Enhanced and Standardization of Climate-Related... ... reasonably likely to have a material impact on their business, results of operations, or financial condition. In a March statement from Gensler , I am pleased to support today's... ... participating with major sectors of the U.S. economy unless they spend significant time and resources tracking environmental data. Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. —...
Updated: 05/26/2022
Baidu posts loss despite China's economic downturn
The search engine giant Baidu posted a net loss of 885 million yuan $131 million for ... ... and products from its AI initiatives, rose 4 per cent to $20.48 billion. The Chief Financial Officer Luo Rong said that sales from the Baidu AI cloud, its public cloud... ... robotaxis without human being in the driving seat on open Chinese roads for the first time last month.
Updated: 05/26/2022
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