Ray Dalio hits political extremes in US, warns Russia against Ukraine war
Ray Dalio has hit political extremes in the US that don't respect a rules-based system and warned that Russia is likely to be ... ... causes NATO support to fracture. The founder of Bridgewater Associates , the world's largest hedge fund with about $150 billion under management, took to Linkedin in the U.S. Independence Day is a holiday from Independence Day to give an update on the... ... being called into question, such as abiding by election votes and decisions of the Supreme Court . With increasing conflict between populists of the right and populists of the...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Orc, Florida city apologizes for controversial 4th July statement
A statement that questioned whether July 4 celebrations were appropriate in the wake of division, hate and unrest in the country has prompted cheers, backlash and ... ... that this level of disrespect for our country has infiltrated the city in this way. It's very sad and embarrassing for our city. Another wrote: It is because of our independence... ... There is so much to celebrate. Some praised the initial statement, pointing out the Supreme Court's recent overruling of Roe v. Wade as an example of the country's division, with...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Ukrainian man sentenced to death in DPR trial
Aiden Aslin s cassation complaint follows similar moves by two other foreigners convicted by a DPR court. Aiden Aslin s cassation complaint follows similar moves by two other foreigners ... ... his conviction, his lawyer, Pavel Kosovan , told TASS on Monday. Kosovan said that the defense is contesting two counts of verdict commission of crimes by a group of persons... ... The case would be looked at within two months of the date the case was sent to the Supreme Court . The defense for Moroccan Saadun Brahim said last Friday it had filed...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Here's why some companies are paying employees' money to abort babies
Buffer Insurance defended secular companies' response to the end of Roe v. Wade, vowing instead to support female employees who get pregnant and even cover the costs of giving birth. ... ... employees, let us know. The company continued that we have ready-to-use policies that you can add to your employee handbooks. The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe has been condemned by many companies. Some have gone so far as to cover the costs of their female employees ...
Updated: 07/04/2022
NT govt. proposes diversion of $12 million from Darwin Turf Club
The Northern Territory government has abandoned plans to recover a $12 million grant ... ... Commissioner Against Corruption, although it has been challenged in the Northern Territory Supreme Court Northern Territory Supreme Court. On Monday, Racing Minister Chansey Paech said... ... should it have to repay the full amount of the grant, and questioned the government's position after the findings of the ICAC did not recommend the turf club repay the...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Two more arrested for Teli murder
Two Muslim men who were already under arrest for murder, who posted the act online, said it had been a response to the victim's support for a politician's derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed. Two Muslim men who were already under arrest for ... ... angry mob including some lawyers slapped and shoved the four accused in the murder case when they were presented to a trial court on Saturday. Judges from the Supreme Court of India said on Friday that Sharma must apologize to the whole nation after her remarks intensified religious ...
Updated: 07/04/2022
Some Opposition states seek change in GST sharing formula
Some Opposition states have sought change in the Centre's revenue-sharing formula with states, as the Centre is unwilling to extend compensation under the goods and services tax GST ... ... Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee , said all decisions on GST should be by consensus, citing a recent judgment of the Supreme Court in this regard. The former finance minister of the state said in a two-sided letter to Sitharaman that it has become imperative ...
Updated: 07/04/2022
WorkSafe charges Melbourne care facility over COVID deaths
Victoria's workplace regulator charged a Melbourne aged care facility where 45 residents died of COVID in 2020 with alleged offences relating to staff safety during the outbreak. Victoria's workplace regulator charged a Melbourne aged care facility ... ... competently use the equipment and supervise its use. There isn't a resolution to the Supreme Court action relating to former managers of the facility giving evidence at the coronial...
Updated: 07/04/2022
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