Pentagon orders review of secretive social media campaigns
... secretive operations to influence populations overseas, it has been ordered by the Pentagon . The move came after Facebook and Twitter shut down misleading accounts that they determined were sending messages to promote U.S. foreign policy. WASHINGTON - White House officials told the military they were concerned about its efforts to spread pro-American messaging on social media, prompting the Pentagon to order a review of secretive operations to influence populations overseas, U.S. officials said. The review follows a decision ...
Updated: 09/19/2022
Biden’s vow to defend Taiwan draws anger from China
... had not changed, adding the President had made similar comments in Tokyo earlier this year and also made clear that our Taiwan policy hasn't changed. Kurt Campbell , White House Indo-Pacific Coordinator, said it was not appropriate to state that the White House was walking back the President's comments. Mr Campbell , who previously rejected any move on strategic clarity over Taiwan on the grounds that there would be significant downsides, said the President's remarks speak for themselves Chinese foreign ...
Updated: 09/19/2022
Republicans remind voters there needs to be checks and balances to stop far-left Democrats running away with country
... most important themes for the Republicans is to remind voters that there needs to be checks and balances in order to stop a far-left Democratic Party from running away with the country. We've seen what Democrat control of both houses of Congress and the White House has done. We've seen how the far-left socialists such as AOC and her squad, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren have become the big tail wagging the Democratic dog. Joe Biden ran as a moderate sort of person, but he and his staff ...
Updated: 09/19/2022
22-year-old Iranian woman dies after being arrested by Iranian police
... results would be publicized on state TV after further examination by medical experts, said Mehdi Forozesh, director of Iran's Forensic Medical Organization. Jake Sullivan , National Security Adviser to US President Joe Biden, said in a tweet Friday that the White House is deeply concerned about Amini 's death. Amini was reportedly beaten by Iran's morality police in custody. Her death is unforgivable. Sullivan tweeted that we will continue to hold Iranian officials accountable for human rights abuses.
Updated: 09/19/2022
Two killed in Iran during protests over hijab death
... enforce strict rules imposed since Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979 that required women to cover their hair and wear loose-fitting clothes in public. A White House spokeswoman said there had to be accountability for Amini 's death. A spokesman for the White House National Security Council said Mahsa Amini 's death after injuries sustained while in police custody for wearing an 'improper' hijab was an affront to human rights.
Updated: 09/19/2022
Biden administration faces pressure as rail strike looms
The White House is facing pressure on several fronts as it weighs the political ramifications of a shutdown, as the Biden administration struggles to avert a rail strike that threatens to damage the economy. The White House is facing pressure on several fronts ...
Updated: 09/19/2022
US says prisoner swap freed American in Afghanistan
... system. Early Monday, Biden called Frerichs sister, Charlene Cakora , with the news, the official said. Frerichs, 60, is a civil engineer from Lombard, Illinois, who had been working as a contractor. He is the last U.S. hostage who was on the radar of the Biden White House before U.S. troops left Afghanistan a year ago. There is no allegation on the public record that Noorzai killed Americans, although federal prosecutors said his drug smuggling network did great harm. He once controlled a significant share of the ...
Updated: 09/19/2022
Bill Clinton on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS show about Kenneth Starr's death
... Whitewater investigation into Clinton , with the probe initially beginning as an investigation into the real estate investments of the Clintons . It also brought into its scope other issues, such as Clinton 's scandalous sexual affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky . The investigation that lasted about five years led to the U.S. House of Representatives impeaching Clinton in 1998.
Updated: 09/19/2022
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