21st Solutions patents molecular dispersion technology

21st Solutions patents molecular dispersion technology

21 st Solutions, a company known for Solving the Insoluble, has received a patent for its technology to enable molecular dispersions of hydrophobic guest molecules in water.

21 st Solutions patents claim to have a new type of guest host chemistry that allows the formation of water-soluble complexes with cannabinoids, terpenes, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs.

The molecular dispersion technology of AmyletiX product lines could have a big impact on the world of beverages, cannabinoids, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This plant-based enzymatic process is a new way to mix water and oil.

Poorly soluble active ingredients have been a barrier to creating consumer-friendly nutraceutical products, but also to efficiently and effectively deliver pharmaceutical drugs. CBD is an extremely hydrophobic molecule. With this patented technology, CBD disappears quickly into water solutions without the need for additional emulsifiers or manufacturing energy. The technology is used to provide significant film-forming and structure building.

A multifunctional system that delivers active ingredients with molecular efficiency inside a controlled food, topical or beverage system is created by all of this. The multifunctional host is used to create a wide range of structures for selectable release, texture and mouthfeel, and functional lipids, including terpenes and CBD, disperse more intimately in water than in emulsions, according to 21 st Solutions president Gary Nickel.

With the issuance of US Patent 11,326, 195, 21 st Solutions began discussions to license the ingredients, the technology and dozens of advanced application formulas, including novel cannabinoid products, to diverse companies.

Our science is deep and produces products for delivering cannabinoids for medical and recreational cannabis markets. Nickel concluded that our cross-industry suite of technologies creates diversified application streams and offers huge opportunities for licensing to a wide range of industries.