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17.May.24 12:39 PM

Decoding the Marketing Maze and Making Informed Choices

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) warns consumers to be cautious of misleading information on food labels. While the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has strict regulations, manufacturers often use marketing tactics to make their products appear healthier than they actually are.
16.May.24 1:04 PM

The Importance of Dietary Guidelines for Indians in Preventing Non-communicable Diseases

The Dietary Guidelines for Indians (DGIs) have been developed by experts to address the impact of unhealthy diets on disease burden in India, with a focus on preventing non-communicable diseases like obesity and diabetes. These guidelines recommend healthy dietary habits, physical activity, and awareness of nutrition labels to reduce the risk of chronic conditions and improve overall well-being.
16.May.24 10:20 AM

Your Summer Ally for Beating the Heat and Staying Hydrated

Yoga offers a comprehensive approach to combating the summer heat and maintaining optimal health during the hot months. By incorporating specific postures, breathing techniques, and mindful hydration practices into your routine, you can effectively promote hydration, improve circulation, and achieve a cooling effect.
16.May.24 3:52 AM

Greggs Navigates Rising Costs and Charts Expansion Plans

Greggs, the UK's largest bakery chain, is grappling with rising wage costs, which are impacting its profit margins despite a notable increase in first-quarter sales. The company plans to mitigate these challenges by adopting a flexible approach to pricing and continuing its aggressive store expansion strategy.
16.May.24 2:54 AM

Revenue Beats, Earnings Miss, But Growth Continues

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (LWAY) reported first-quarter 2024 results, exceeding revenue expectations but falling short on earnings. The company's success can be attributed to strategic sales and marketing investments, driving volume growth and increased consumer awareness, resulting in 18 consecutive quarters of growth and four consecutive quarters of record sales.