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17.Sep.21 1:35 PM

Iron ore price drops below $100 a ton for the first time in five years

Bloomberg - Iron ore sank below $100 a ton as China's moves to clean up its heavy mining sector fuelled a sudden and brutal collapse.
17.Sep.21 8:20 AM

Europe's energy crisis threatens to tighten food supplies

Europe s energy crisis is spreading to the fertilizer industry, threatening to tighten food supplies and push prices even higher.
17.Sep.21 3:21 AM

Europe's biggest industrial giants hit by high energy prices

A supply crunch which sent the European energy prices to records is squeezing profits for some of the continent's industrial giants, threatening to derail economic recovery.
16.Sep.21 9:30 AM

Fertilizer maker shuts down two U.K. plants amid energy crunch

The energy crunch is forcing a major fertilizer maker to shut down two U.K. plants, the first sign that a record rally in gas and power prices is threatening to slow the region s recovery momentum.
16.Sep.21 2:05 AM

Australia approves controversial coal expansion project despite court ruling

Bloomberg - Australia has approved a controversial coal expansion project, which had been subject to a court order demanding the government consider its impact on climate change.
15.Sep.21 11:46 AM

High aluminum prices are the latest concern for construction industry

Soaring aluminum prices are the latest concern for a construction industry that is grappling with higher materials and labor costs as the US economy emerges from the pandemic.
15.Sep.21 11:46 AM

Primark vows to cut environmental impact without increasing prices

AsONDON, Sept. 1508 Reuters - Primark, one of Europe's largest fast fashion chain, has vowed to reduce its environmental impact without increasing prices by using more durable materials, making clothing more durable and improving wages for workers.