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29.Feb.24 5:44 AM

CEO Optimism and Vision for Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia

CEOs in Saudi Arabia are displaying unprecedented optimism and strategic vision for economic growth, with a strong belief in the country's economic potential over the next year, surpassing global and regional counterparts. A recent survey by PwC Middle East highlights that a significant 89% of Saudi CEOs are optimistic about the Kingdom's economic growth, driven by the ambitious goals of Vision 2030 leading to transformative developme...
29.Feb.24 2:44 AM

Renewable Energy Development: Challenges and Solutions

Solving the climate crisis requires a significant expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, particularly wind turbines and solar panels. However, the pace of development in Australia is lagging behind targets due to various obstacles, including protracted approval processes for large-scale projects.
28.Feb.24 4:49 PM

Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

January 2024's record-breaking heat and rising global temperatures highlight the urgent need to accelerate efforts to combat climate change. The COP 28 summit recognized the necessity of phasing out fossil fuels, but the pace of this transition remains a subject of debate.
28.Feb.24 4:12 PM

KenGen Loses Tender Appeal in Geothermal Plant Case

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) suffered a setback when the Court of Appeal overturned a 1.13 billion shilling tender for connecting three make-up wells to its Olkaria geothermal power plant. The court ruled that the tender evaluation committee violated procurement laws by awarding the contract to a joint venture between Lex Oil Field Solutions Limited and EPCM Consultants SA (PTY) Ltd, despite the winning bid fa...
28.Feb.24 3:25 PM

Kenya Power's Strategy to Reduce Technical Losses

Kenya Power is implementing a strategy to reduce technical losses, which cost the company billions of shillings annually. The company plans to double the voltage of some power lines in Nairobi, which will significantly reduce technical losses. This is because doubling the voltage reduces the current, thereby lowering the heat generated and energy lost along power lines.