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17.Sep.21 5:01 PM

Meat industry warns CO 2 shortage could lead to major disruption

The meat industry warned that an impending shortage of carbon dioxide CO 2 could cause massive disruption in food supplies within two weeks.
17.Sep.21 4:01 PM

European power firms shut out of bumper revenues from record high gas prices

MadRID MILAN Reuters - Several European power firms have been shut out of bumper revenues from record high gas and electricity prices as their sales are largely locked in at lower prices and face extra pressure from governments acting to protect consumers.
17.Sep.21 1:11 PM

Exclusive: Mining companies in Mexico should expect major environmental reviews

MEXICO City, Sept. 17 Reuters - Mining companies in Mexico should expect major environmental reviews given their projects' major impacts, a senior official told Reuters, insisting that the backlog of evaluations is easing despite industry claims that opposite is easing Despite inflation claims that early inquest is ease despite industry concerns that the downturn of evaluations was easing despite economy claims that both countries are expecti...
17.Sep.21 11:51 AM

Iran could expand fuel exports despite U.S. sanctions

In 2018 the U.S. imposed sanctions after discontinuing nuclear cooperation pact in 2018, after abandoning the nuclear pact by Trump.Iran oil, but not petrochemicals or fuels.
17.Sep.21 11:10 AM

Buyers at China's Oasis Complex wait for answers after construction halted

LUOYANG, China Reuters: A steady stream of anxious tenants flowed into the sales office of Evergrande Oasis Complex outside the city of Luoyang this week in seeking answers after construction was severely halted by the giant developers.
17.Sep.21 9:55 AM

L Lloyd's of London aims to recruit more ethnic minorities

Reuters - Lloyd's of London wants to recruit a third of its workforce from ethnic minorities, it said on Friday as it tries to improve diversity in the commercial insurance market.
17.Sep.21 7:50 AM

China's Xi Jinping says internal forces should never interfere in foreign affairs

Beijing, Sept. 17 Reutersvana China's president Xi Jinping said on Friday that internal forces should never be allowed to interfere in foreign affairs under any pretext, according to Chinese state media.