Commodity industry news section
21.Apr.24 12:42 AM

A Powdered Natto Bacterium Revolutionizing the Future of Food

A groundbreaking new food source called "Kin-pun" has emerged from a collaboration between a start-up firm affiliated with Keio University and the National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College. This innovative product is crafted from a powdered form of the natto bacterium, renowned for its role in fermenting the traditional Japanese dish of natto.
21.Apr.24 12:13 AM

### Trilateral Alliance to Secure Critical Minerals and Counter China.

Japan, the United States, and the Philippines will cooperate on strengthening the supply chain for precious metals, particularly nickel, a key element for electric vehicle fuel cells. This collaboration aims to reduce reliance on China for these critical resources and support the development of clean energy technologies.
21.Apr.24 12:09 AM

Moon Lander Survives Freezing Night on Lunar Surface

Japan's SLIM moon lander, part of the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon probe, managed to survive a freezing lunar night and re-established communication with Earth after making a historic landing on the moon. The spacecraft, which initially faced power loss due to a tip-over impacting its solar panels, regained electricity after a change in sunlight direction, becoming the fifth country to successfully land a probe on the moon.
20.Apr.24 11:34 PM

## Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Japan's Fisheries and Aquaculture Industries

Record-high ocean temperatures near Japan for three consecutive years have negatively impacted fisheries and aquaculture industries, raising concerns about the long-term sustainability of these sectors. This warming trend has led to the appearance of warm-water fish species in northern regions, such as the Tohoku region, where they were previously not found.
20.Apr.24 10:34 PM

Nippon Steel Defends U.S. Steel Takeover Bid, Touts American Success

Nippon Steel's new president, Tadashi Imai, defends his company's proposed takeover of U.S. Steel, despite opposition from the union and both President Biden and former President Trump. Imai emphasizes Nippon Steel's commitment to American workers and its history of successfully rebuilding U.S. companies.