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20.Apr.24 9:10 PM

Google Faces Antitrust Action in Japan for Allegedly Impeding Yahoo's Search Advertising Business

Google is facing its first antitrust action in Japan for allegedly impeding Yahoo Japan's search advertising business for smartphones. The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) suspects Google of using its dominant market position to restrict Yahoo's ability to compete in the mobile search advertising market.
20.Apr.24 4:31 PM

National Pavilion UAE at Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition Opens

The National Pavilion UAE at the Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition has opened its doors to visitors, showcasing the artistic works of Abdullah Al Saadi in an exhibition titled "Sites of Memory, Sites of Amnesia." The exhibition features eight works by Al Saadi that delve into Emirati art roots and Arab history through his journeys in nature, under the patronage of artistic curator Tarek Abou El Fetouh.
20.Apr.24 2:47 PM

A Story of Deception, Redemption, and Cybersecurity Awareness

X user, who typically adheres to the safe practice of ignoring and blocking scam messages on WhatsApp, found himself drawn into an unexpected conversation with a scammer. Initially fueled by the desire to confront the scammer, X user opted for a more interactive approach, engaging in a chat that would take a surprising and heartwarming turn.
20.Apr.24 2:06 PM

Tips for Recognizing and Preventing Online Scams, Based on a Personal Encounter with a FedEx Scam

In the digital age, vigilance against scams and fraud is crucial. A firsthand account details a scam impersonating FedEx, emphasizing the importance of recognizing red flags like unsolicited requests for payment or personal information and immediate threats to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities.
20.Apr.24 1:05 PM

A Showcase of Technological Advancement and Creative Potential in Filmmaking

Apple's '2024 MAMI Select-Filmed on iPhone' program showcased five short films, mentored by renowned filmmakers like Vishal Bhardwaj, and shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This initiative not only underlines the device's growing capabilities in filmmaking but also reflects the film industry's increasing adoption of innovative technologies.