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20.Apr.24 6:42 PM

Banknotes of Japanese Yen and U.S. Dollar Illustrating Currency Market Trends

The U.S. dollar surged to a five-month high against major currencies after strong retail sales numbers, causing concerns about potential intervention from Japan as the yen dropped to its lowest level since 1990. Meanwhile, the Chinese yuan slightly decreased even though China's GDP for the first quarter surpassed expectations, indicating a mixed economic recovery.
18.Apr.24 8:47 PM

Dollar Soars, Yen Slumps, and Yuan Edges Lower Amidst Robust US Data and Intervention Concerns

The US dollar's ascent to a five-month high against major currencies on Tuesday was fueled by robust US retail sales figures, raising concerns about potential intervention from Tokyo as the Japanese yen languished at its lowest level since 1990. The Chinese yuan, meanwhile, edged lower despite exceeding expectations in its first-quarter GDP data, providing a boost for policymakers aiming to bolster confidence amidst a prolonged property crisi...
18.Apr.24 4:54 AM

South Korea and Japan Vow to Counter Currency Depreciation, Bank of Korea Ready to Intervene

South Korea and Japan have voiced their concerns over the recent depreciation of their currencies, citing excessive volatility in the exchange rate markets. In a joint statement, the finance ministers of both countries expressed their commitment to taking necessary measures to stabilize the situation.
17.Apr.24 12:51 PM

UK Pushes for Reduced Tariffs on Exports in Trade Talks with India

The UK government is focused on reaching an ambitious trade deal with India, aiming for a free trade agreement that serves the best interests of the British people and economy. Negotiations between the UK and India continue, with a focus on concerns regarding tariffs on UK exports and rules affecting Indian professionals.
17.Apr.24 10:57 AM

Dollar Steady, Yen Near 34-Year Lows as Fed Signals Higher Rates for Longer

The dollar held steady on Wednesday as the yen remained near 34-year lows, with Federal Reserve officials signaling that US interest rates will stay higher for longer than previously expected. This dashed investor hopes for significant easing this year and pushed the expected start of the easing cycle back to September.