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29.Feb.24 4:09 PM

Israel's Economy Hit Hard by Conflict with Hamas in Gaza

Israel's economy has experienced a significant downturn following the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, with official figures showing a larger contraction than anticipated. The conflict, triggered by an unprecedented attack by Hamas gunmen from Gaza on Israel, resulted in a high number of casualties and took a toll on various aspects of the economy.
29.Feb.24 2:34 PM

Japanese PM Apologizes for Political Funds Scandal

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida apologized during a televised House of Representatives political ethics committee session for causing public suspicion and mistrust in politics due to a political funds scandal within his Liberal Democratic Party. He vowed to lead reforms to ensure compliance in the ruling party's governance and promised to amend the political funds control law to prevent similar scandals.
29.Feb.24 2:25 PM

Japanese PM Kishida to Attend Hearing on Political Funds Scandal

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced his intention to participate in a parliamentary hearing regarding a political funds scandal involving his Liberal Democratic Party. The hearing was initially delayed due to disagreements over media presence, but it has since been scheduled for two days with Kishida's attendance on the first day, followed by four lawmakers from the implicated LDP faction appearing on the second day.
29.Feb.24 2:01 PM

Proposed Reforms in Japan's Ruling Party Amid Political Funds Scandal

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has approved internal reform proposals aimed at reducing the influence of factions in the party following a political funds scandal. The reforms, supported by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, focus on moving away from factions being used for financial and political gain, while allowing them to continue as "policy groups.
29.Feb.24 1:47 PM

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Stands Firm on Defending Territory

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reassured the Australian parliament of his commitment to defending the country's sovereignty, stating that no foreign power would be permitted to take any part of the nation's territory. This declaration comes as Australia and the Philippines initiated joint sea and air patrols in the South China Sea to counter China's increasing assertiveness in the region.