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17.Sep.21 7:25 PM

Biden administration adds bank account reporting to IRS

The Biden administration has aimed to bolster the Internal Revenue Service by adding bank account reporting requirements to Democrats' massive tax and spending bill, prompting a swift backlash from Republicans who have warned it infringes on customers' privacy.
17.Sep.21 6:05 PM

Leban says he's doing the quick fixes that need to be done immediately

In his first interview with an international media outlet since forming government a week ago, Mikati acknowledged that some Lebanese would struggle to put their faith in him and his government after so many politicians have failed them in the past.
17.Sep.21 3:50 PM

House to vote next week on $28 trillion debtlimit

Bloomberg - The House will vote next week to raise the nation s $28 trillion debt ceiling, but a political standoff between Democrats and Republicans threatens to send the U.S. into a default in payments next month.
17.Sep.21 3:11 PM

Biden warns of drastic cuts to federal programs if the debt limit is suspended

Biden administration is warning federal and state governments about drastic cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, disaster relief and other national programs if Congress fails to raise or suspend the debt ceiling soon.
17.Sep.21 2:31 PM

WHO chief Tedros to run for second term: sources

As this World Health Organization chief looks set to run for a second term at the helm, sources said. He tries to guide the world through its biggest health crisis in a century.
17.Sep.21 2:21 PM

Biden says climate crisis offers real and amazing opportunities for people around the world

President Biden spoke of the potential economic and standard of living benefits that could come as a result of addressing climate change, while saying that the world is at an inflection point when dealing with the situation.
17.Sep.21 1:16 PM

Afghan women's ministry replaced with Taliban-era sign

Sept 17 Reuters - Staff in the Kabul capital replaced signs for the country's women's ministry with those of the Taliban's moral police on Friday, as female ex-employees from the department said they had been locked out of the building.