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12.Aug.22 6:48 PM

Naomi Campbell's appearance at Arise Fashion Week 30 Under 30

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been turning heads since she first started modeling in the 1980s, but for Nigerian fashion designer Chukwuma Ian Audifferen, her appearance at the Arise Fashion Week 30
12.Aug.22 6:36 PM

Bioservo develops soft glove to strengthen grip

The Ironhand glove is designed to strengthen the wearer's grip, so they don't have to use as much force to perform repetitive manual tasks.
12.Aug.22 5:37 PM

Toyota offers buy-back for BZ4X owners

TOKYO, Japan: Toyota has advised owners of its BZ 4 X electric SUV to stop driving their vehicles and return them to a dealership, as their wheels could fall off while driving on the road.
12.Aug.22 5:37 PM

Rivian lost $1.7 billion in second quarter

Rivian lost $1.7 billion in the second quarter of 2022, as it works to ramp up its vehicle production as a result of the on-going supply chain crunch.
12.Aug.22 4:14 PM

NATAS returns to Singapore Expo for third day

SINGAPORE: Prices may have gone up for some tour destinations, but travellers are still willing to go abroad despite the cost.
12.Aug.22 3:14 PM

Mahindra unveils new version of its iconic Scorpio Classic SUV

On Friday, Mahindra Mahindras Ltd launched a new avatar of its iconic SUV brand Scorpio Classic to celebrate its 20 years in India.
12.Aug.22 2:55 PM

China's CATL to build Europe's largest battery plant

China's CATL said on Friday it's going to build a 7.3 billion euro $7.6 billion euro dollar plant in Hungary, Europe's largest so far, as the world's biggest electric vehicle battery maker gears up to meet growing demand from global automakers.