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21.Apr.24 2:05 AM

Volkswagen Workers in Tennessee Vote to Join United Auto Workers

Workers at Volkswagen's Tennessee plant have voted to join the United Auto Workers, marking a significant victory for the union as it expands beyond Detroit into the U.S. South and West. The vote, with a majority of workers in favor, makes the Chattanooga factory the first auto plant in the South to unionize via election since the 1940s and the first foreign-owned auto plant in the South to do so.
21.Apr.24 2:01 AM

A Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable and High-Tech Urban Life

The SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 trade show offered a glimpse into the future of urban life, showcasing innovations like a compact tricycle, a versatile drone, and sustainable food options. The event, organized by the Tokyo metropolitan government, aims to inspire audiences to envision a sustainable and high-tech future for the city.
20.Apr.24 11:00 PM

Sony and Nature Magazine Establish Award Honoring Female Researchers in Technology

Sony Group Corp. and Nature magazine have partnered to create the "Sony Women in Technology Award with Nature," recognizing exceptional female researchers in the technology field. The award aims to promote gender diversity and inclusivity by celebrating the work of women in tech who are often underrepresented.
20.Apr.24 9:55 PM

Nissan Plans Mass Production of Electric Vehicles with Solid-State Batteries

Nissan aims to start mass producing electric vehicles equipped with advanced next-generation solid-state batteries by early 2029, stepping into the race against newer electric vehicle manufacturers. The company's unfinished pilot plant in Yokohama showcases their commitment to catching up and potentially surpassing competitors with more powerful, cheaper, safer, and faster-charging batteries.
20.Apr.24 7:57 PM

Investigation Into Honda's Automatic Braking System Nears Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting an engineering analysis following nearly 1,300 complaints about unexpected automatic braking in Honda vehicles, potentially leading to a recall. Consumers reported issues with Honda's automatic emergency braking system causing vehicles to brake without obstacles in their path, resulting in 47 crashes and 112 injuries.