Technology Services Industry News Section.
12.Aug.22 4:14 PM

US imposes new export controls for advanced semiconductors

The United States has taken new export controls on technologies that support the production of advanced semiconductors and gas turbine engines that it said are critical to national security.
12.Aug.22 3:55 PM

Japanese IT firms hire Ukrainian workers

Konstantin Chvykov, left, who oversees the recruitment of Ukrainians at Japanese IT firm i 3 DESIGN Co. and his wife, Izumi, in an office in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward Yasuyuki Onaya One
12.Aug.22 2:55 PM

Kathy Manning scooped thousands in semiconductor stocks just day before CHIPS Act vote

Democratic Rep. Kathy Manning, D-N. CUC scooped up thousands of dollars in semiconductor company stock just one day before voting to pass a bill that provides huge subsidies to the sector, new disclosures show.
11.Aug.22 3:57 PM

Cloud computing is the pervasive computing theme of the 21st century

Tech giants Amazon AMZN Microsoft MSFT and Google GOOG reported strong growth in their cloud businesses during their recent earnings reports despite fears of a looming recession.
11.Aug.22 1:39 PM

Sonos stock falls as revenue forecast cuts

Sonos Inc shares fell 17 per cent on Thursday after the speaker maker cut its full-year revenue forecast, citing a weakness in consumer spending on electronic items ahead of the crucial holiday season.
11.Aug.22 1:21 PM

Google to stop giving answers to stupid questions

Google will stop giving snappy answers to stupid questions, as it seeks to improve its search engine's featured snippets service.
11.Aug.22 12:49 PM

Tesla signs $5 billion contract worth of nickel minerals with Indonesia

A senior cabinet minister in Indonesia told CNBC Indonesia that the US carmaker Tesla signed contracts worth $5 billion to purchase minerals for electric batteries from nickel processing companies in the country.