Press release

11.Aug.22 1:09 PM

S. Korea to review current criptocurrency laws

South Korea s Financial Services Commission FSC will haveten the process of reviewing the current bills on criptocurrency regulation, according to South Korea s Edaily on August 11. 2030.
01.Aug.22 1:02 PM

ZeroAvia raises $70 million in Series B funding

An American startup with Russian roots, ZeroAvia, a company that develops hydrogen engines for passenger aircraft, has announced the latest round of funding - a $70 million Series B round.
21.Jul.22 9:20 AM

Xplorobot to install robots on one of the world's largest oil and gas platforms

Xplorobot announced that their robots will be installed on one of the largest oil and gas platforms in the world: Robots are ready for deployment off-shore Newfoundland.
30.Jun.22 9:12 PM

Putin says Ukraine submitted Donbass republics to genocide

Russia's president said Ukraine had submitted the Donbass republics to genocide Kiev's actions against the Donetsk and Lugansk People s Republics were crimes against humanity and effectively constituted genocide of the local population, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
24.Jun.22 9:35 PM

IMF official says any recession in U.S. may look like in 2000

WASHINGTON Reuters - If the United States falls into a recession, it would likely be relatively short, with only modest increases in unemployment, and may look like U.S. downturns in the early 2000s, an International Monetary Fund official said on Friday.
22.Jun.22 11:40 AM

S.Korea plans to send delegation to NATO

The national security adviser said on Wednesday that South Korea plans to set up a delegation to NATO in Brussels, as Seoul pushes to strengthen its partnership with the organisation and play a bigger role on the global stage.
09.Jun.22 8:00 AM

Beam Wallet, Portugal's leading digital wallet platform, provided over 1 million euros

More than one million dollars have been provided by the Beam Wallet, owned by the Portuguese company GBC, to support local commerce in Portugal. On June 7, 2022, a major event was held to support regional commerce, with the aim of connecting merchants and customers.