Bond's news.
17.Sep.21 6:15 PM

Afghan Taliban have'space for discussion and engagement' on human rights issues

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR speaks during a news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan on September 17th, 2021. What is Waseem Khan's response, Merkel.
17.Sep.21 4:40 PM

What would the Fed do if the U.S. debt limit was default?

Reuters - Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says failure to raise the U.S. debt limit could lead to the unthinkable: a default on government payment obligations.
17.Sep.21 4:11 PM

U.S. stock indexes fall on Friday as investor sentiment takes hold

Sept 17 Reuters, U.S. stock indexes slipped on Friday, led by major technology firms, while sentiment weighed on sentiment over higher corporate taxes and an upcoming Federal Reserve Meeting.
17.Sep.21 3:05 PM

Brazil's cenbank chief's comments on inflation worry

Brazil's cenbank chief's comments worried - trader Latam peers underperforms Brazilian stocks for the week Argentine markets in wait-and-see mode -trade Valley Mathew Reuters sept 17
17.Sep.21 2:46 PM

Consumer sentiment declines in early September as inflation picks up

Reuters - Unrealized consumer sentiment strengthened in early September after plunging the month before to its lowest level for nearly a decade. But consumers continue to have a bleak view of the outlook amid a stiff bout of inflation, a survey showed on Friday.
17.Sep.21 2:41 PM

White House warns debt limit could plunge the economy into recession

Washington Reuters - The White House warned on Friday that a failure by Congress to expand the debt limit would plunge the economy into recession and could lead to cuts in critical state services.
17.Sep.21 2:36 PM

U.N. says climate change pledges fail to avert catastrophic climate change

BRUSSELS, Sept. 17 Reuters - underscore pledges to reduce emissions would fail to avert catastrophic climate change, the United Nations said on Friday as pressure mounts on polluters including China and India to set more ambitious targets for the COP 26 summit in November.