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12.Aug.22 5:12 PM

India says no pressure on it over energy purchases from Russia

India said on Friday that there was no pressure on it from Western countries or anywhere else over its energy purchases from Russia as Indian firms step up imports of oil and coal from the country that has been largely unaffected by some governments for its invasion of Ukraine.
12.Aug.22 5:03 PM

Germany's consumer protection authority inundated with complaints

We apologize, but this video didn't load. Huang Bale is a list of videos from our team. Consumer-protection authorities in Europe's top economy are being inundated by complaints, so you can try fire your browser, or So so-called shrinkflation - or
12.Aug.22 4:14 PM

S&P 500, Nasdaq set for fourth week of gains on rate hike bets

Wall Street's main indexes rose on Friday, setting the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq for a fourth week straight week of gains on easing bets of another super-sized interest rate hike on evidence of cooling inflation.
12.Aug.22 3:46 PM

Us households shelling out extra $717 a month in July

According to a new analysis from the Joint Economic Committee Republicans, the average American is shelling out an extra $717 a month.
12.Aug.22 3:46 PM

Credit Union National Association questions whether U.S. is in recession

In its latest economic update, Credit Union National Association CUNA questioned whether the U.S. is currently in a recession.
12.Aug.22 3:14 PM

UK GDP falls by 0.1% in second quarter

The GDP of the country fell by 0.1% in the second quarter of this year, according to official data released on Friday.
12.Aug.22 2:33 PM

Russia mulls buying foreign currency to fund NWF

In this March 19, 2021 picture, a man on the phone walks past the Russian Central Bank headquarters as the Russian flag flies in downtown Moscow. KIRill KIRILL KUDRYavTSEV MOSCow Russia is considering buying the currencies of friendly countries such as China, India and Turkey to hold in the