Utilities news section.
20.Apr.24 6:03 AM

Thames Water Proposes 56% Bill Increase Amid Financial Crisis

Thames Water is facing a financial crisis due to disinvestment by shareholders and has submitted a proposal for a significant 56% increase in customer bills over the next five years. The company's mounting debt and shareholder disinvestment have prompted the drastic measure, with the government also considering a renationalisation plan named Project Timber in case of financial insolvency.
19.Apr.24 5:22 AM

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Polling Underway in Six Constituencies

Polling has commenced in six Lok Sabha constituencies in Madhya Pradesh, including Shahdol, Mandla, Jabalpur, Balaghat, Chhindwara, and Sidhi. The constituencies comprise 13 districts and 27 assembly segments, with a total of 88 candidates contesting, and voting is being conducted from 7 am to 6 pm in most areas.
18.Apr.24 5:16 PM

Powercor Admits Fault in Devastating Bushfire, Pleads Guilty to Over 100 Charges

Powercor, an electricity distributor operating in western Victoria, admitted to failing to manage vegetation around its powerlines, leading to a devastating bushfire in February 2023. The company pleaded guilty to over 100 charges, including one directly related to the Glenmore fire that burned 185 hectares of land, threatening homes and causing significant damage to property.
17.Apr.24 11:40 AM

Judge Rejects Request to Stop Transmission Line Construction in Arizona

A federal judge has rejected a request to stop construction of a transmission line through a remote Arizona valley, despite concerns from Native American tribes and environmental groups that it will damage culturally significant sites and disrupt the natural landscape. The project's supporters argue that it is a key renewable energy initiative that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
17.Apr.24 4:16 AM

Thames Water's Fate Hangs in the Balance as June 12 Deadline Looms

Thames Water, Britain's largest water utility, is in a precarious position as it faces a critical deadline on June 12 to convince regulators of its survival strategy. The company is grappling with financial turmoil, including a staggering £18 billion debt burden, and its ability to attract new investors hinges on the outcome of this crucial meeting.