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20.Apr.24 8:41 AM

Hype or Hard Reality? A Deep Dive into the Impact on Price and Supply

Bitcoin's halving, a programmed reduction in the rate of new Bitcoin creation, is expected to occur this week. While proponents believe it will increase Bitcoin's value due to its limited supply, skeptics argue that any impact has already been priced in and highlight the speculative nature of the market.
20.Apr.24 5:26 AM

Schiff Mocks "Hodlers" as Rewards Drop, Predicts Net Worth Halving

Following the recent Bitcoin halving, which reduced mining rewards to 3.125 BTC per block, crypto skeptic Peter Schiff took to Twitter to mock "hodlers." He sarcastically congratulated them and questioned if they were celebrating the event with parties, while also predicting a halving of their net worth.
20.Apr.24 4:51 AM

A Perfect Storm of Demand, Supply, Volatility, and Anticipation Grips the Crypto Community

The Bitcoin Halving event, occurring every four years, reduces the number of new bitcoins created, leading to a potential price surge due to increased demand and limited supply. However, experts warn of potential volatility in the market following the event, with predictions of price drops and bounces before the market stabilizes.
20.Apr.24 4:35 AM

Bitcoin Whales Accumulate During Market Dip, Signaling Potential Bottom and Shift in Sentiment

Large investors, known as "whales," significantly increased their Bitcoin holdings during the recent market dip, adding over $1.2 billion worth of BTC to their portfolios. This move suggests a potential shift in market sentiment, with whales taking advantage of lower prices to accumulate more Bitcoin.
20.Apr.24 3:54 AM

Bitcoin Surges as Fourth Halving Event Cuts Miner Rewards

Bitcoin has seen a 1.5% increase following the fourth BTC/USD halving event, which reduces miner rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC per block. This programmed process is designed to manage scarcity and control the inflationary supply of Bitcoin, with predictions of long-term price growth from prominent figures like Tim Draper.