Former Army commander of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH sentenced to 8 years

Former Army commander of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH sentenced to 8 years

The former commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina ARBiH Sakib Mahmuljin was sentenced to eight years in prison by the Court of BiH because the court concluded he did not prevent the murders and inhuman acts of the members of the El-Mudzahid detachment in the area of Vozuca and Zavidovici.

In April, the BiH Court issued a second-in-stance verdict six years after the start of the court process and more than 25 years after the crimes committed against Serb civilians and captured members of the Army of the Republika Srpska VRS in the area of Zavidovici and Vozuca.

The indictment charged Sakib Mahmuljin with committing war crimes against prisoners of war, war crimes against the wounded and sick, and war crimes against the civilian population.

Mahmuljin was supposed to come to the Court of BiH to be handed a document directing him to serve his sentence.

Sakib Mahmuljin did not respond to the invitation of the Court of BiH to get a referral document that directed him to serve a prison sentence. The Court of BiH stated that the court will take the actions prescribed by law so that the convicted Mahmuljin can start serving a prison sentence.

In the period after the sentencing, information emerged that Mahmuljin left BiH and went to Turkey for treatment, according to his lawyer,, who informed the Court of BiH.