Elon Musk says Twitter Blue will suspend fake people

Elon Musk says Twitter Blue will suspend fake people

Elon Musk announced on Friday that anyone who tries to impersonate another person using the new verification service, which is scheduled to launch next week, will be suspended.

Musk's tweet came in response to a query that followed his earlier tweet that announced the new launch date for Twitter Blue. He spoke about the new colour coding system for the verified ticks. Musk said that all verified accounts, including Gold check for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals celebrity or not, and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before check activates. A user pointed out this to him.

Musk said that Twitter will consider other steps if suspension doesn't suffice, indicating that this is a trial-and- error approach towards solving this issue.

Since taking over the company, Twitter Blue is one of Elon Musk'sMusk's projects. This monthly subscription is free for users who can get benefits for $8 per month. Some of its benefits include the option to undo tweets, post longer video and audio tweets, and the newly added verification feature that would give a user a blue tick next to their name. Blue ticks were only given to celebrities, organisations or people in the public eye earlier in the day.